Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots – Legitimate App Or Scam? [Review]

Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots – Legit or scam?

This time we will talk about  Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots , an  application to earn money playing games  that is always presented as an  app that does pay . The game is no more than the typical of all online casinos that seek users quickly, although what really attracts us is knowing if its reward is real or not.

For this article, I used the app for a while and tried everything it had to offer, so you won’t read anything but that experience here. In the end I will tell you if it is a  reliable paying app  or just another  junk app , all based on what I found. Remember that if you don’t feel comfortable with the information you can try the app yourself, after all we are here to help, not to convince someone. If it is a  legitimate earn money gambling app  I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a  junk app , I will tell you so you don’t waste your time.

We do not promote anyone and we have nothing to do with any study, we just want to chart a path for other users. In addition, at the end you will have the names of some lists that gather  apps that do pay , review them. But hey, let’s focus on the information available about  Panda Fortune  before continuing: the first thing is that it does not have a publication date and it was last updated in June of this year. It also has more than 10,000 downloads and not a single review from its users.

What is Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots?

Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots  is no longer a slot machine game adapted to a mobile phone, like many others that we have seen. The app does not offer anything new and it sins by trying to make us believe that there is an  application to earn money playing games  that has the ability to offer such high payouts, since it is impossible. Also after a while it falls into the second error of all these  PUAs : it is full of ads.

But well, you will wonder who created the app, since this may be a point that helps us to know how legitimate it is and sadly I do not have good news for you. The company is called  Starve AppMaster 2023  and has not published any more projects or games so far. Your bet is all on  Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots , on it being successful so you can assess whether to publish more projects or just wait for the moderate success of this one to suffice.

The fact is that all their effort is focused on advertising this game, which is why you can see hundreds of ads promoting it as an  app that does pay . Everything will be manipulated at will so that you fall for their lies and end up installing the app.

Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots

Installation and registration in Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots :

The application is easy to find and is very likely to be in the top positions. If you have a compatibility problem, it will not appear or it will not show you any installation option, for this there is no solution and it is best to look for another app.

No registration is necessary to enter the game, so don’t worry about having to leave your email or any other sensitive information.

Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots

How to play?

Once you are inside  Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots  you will see a board on which several images are placed and a button at the bottom to start your game. You will also have some instructions to get started and thus be able to understand the game a little more and where everything is necessary, such as your  winnings account  and the ” money ” that you can use for your bets. 

All you have to do in this game is press the button that says “Spin” and wait for the best to happen. There is no way to influence the result, since that is why it is a game of chance. You will only be able to see how the images rotate and hopefully, when they stop, you have at least three images that match and can make a combo so that  you win something other than money  to your balance. This time all you have to do is wait for luck because you won’t even have any help for your game and if you run out of coins  to bet then you have to start watching ads until you collect enough to start.

The  reward  depends on each shot you make and how many images you manage to link in a single spin. The app will be the one in charge of calculating  how much your reward is  and, of course, over time it will give you the option of seeing ads to multiply your earnings.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


You can request your through  PayPal ,  OVO ,  MercadoPago ,  PayPay ,  NPay ,  PayTM  and  Yandex Money . You choose the one you like the most, it won’t help you much anyway. The  minimum withdrawal  is  $5,000 dollars  and to tell the truth, they are almost impossible to reach and even more impossible is that an application will give you a payment of those. There is no chance of an app paying that much, it’s just a lie.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Does Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots pay?

Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots does not pay,  it is a waste of time that it is better not to fall for. The application is very well designed, yes. It has very nice graphics and is fluid, but it doesn’t deliver what it promises and that’s the only reason we’re there. The  monetary reward that it promises is false , you will never get anything and if you will be there you will lose space on your cell phone and the possibility of getting a good option. If you want an  application to earn money playing games  that really works, do not hesitate to review our options. 




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


  1. I was expecting my $1000 today at 6:44pm central time? Where is my money? I am very upset because I need it today. And company is playing games with me a poverty stricken senior citizen on a limited income trying to make ends meet. And you mislead me in to thinking in 24hours I would have $1000 in my PayPal account which I gave you my card details. Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? I have another $1000 I made today. I am skeptical about your games now. If I have to I will contact the Federal Trade Commission to assist me if I don’t get my money in my account by 7:30pm central time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am very disappointed in your app. I installed it under good faith on my part. But evidently your company is not trustworthy to be in business. Your company should be ashamed of yourselves. I was dependent on my winnings you promised in 24hours. You really lost my trust in your promise. If I don’t get my money by 7:30pm central time
    You will never forget my name.

  3. I am with you on that one. I don’t have a company put that I’m trying to make ends meet’s to I was playing this game on my tablet to try to get some money and now the game crashed. This company really sucks They lost my trust with panda fortune. These companies need to be responsible, and they only need to go to jail for lying.

  4. These scam apps that woo you in with ads promising huge payouts their actress showing so called “proof” of her deposits of hundreds and thousands of dollars ALL THEY ARE DOING IS TRICKING INNOCENT UNSUSPECTING PEOPLE SOME WHO MIGHT REALLY NEED MONEY BUT YOU ARE JUST THEIR PROVIDING SLAVE LABOR CLICKING ENDLESS ADS. THEY GET PAID WHILE YOU DO THE WORK. I am so freaking angry about this bullshit and the fact that GOOGLE allows the scam apps on their website to access their millions of users.. seems to me the bottom feeders that create the apps arent the only ones that should be forced to pay!!🖕😡🖕

    Wasted my time. How much are they paying the actors?

  6. I was also led to believe I could win this money but no they screwed with my time and my emotions. Thinking I could at least pay down a credit card. I too am a senior on a fix income. Their reply will always be “rules can be changed at anytime.”

  7. Wow..y’all really are a bunch of lemmings. Why would you get 1000$ for watching a game play itself then watching multiple ads?? It doesn’t happen in the real one is giving thousands of dollars away to idiots with a cell phone and free time. Y’all really mad here too..smh.

  8. Simple math dictates a company would be bankrupt if it gave away piles of cash to every participant. I never expected anything from this game. It was fun to spin the dials and nothing more. The “queue’s” you had to wait in to collect was a joke. The 24 hours then 72 hours yada yada…total joke. “Watch more videos to speed the queue”. They get paid when you watch videos. Look at the shabby people and cheesy acting ads they push. Total scam-alert. Anyway…forget class action or any other suit…it will amount to nothing.

  9. So am I just here to realize nobody ever gets payed after a week of playing to finally be able to cash out 50k then find out I have to wait another 72 hours for nothing?

  10. I don’t care publish my damn info I wish I could have a face to face with these bitches nothing but a lies every time I complete what is needed to collect my money and they add something else I know I’m eating my breath and panda fortune will never pay out but theses Chinese motha fuckers keep messing with people all I hope for us America should use they’re brains and drop a fucking nuke on there front step we did it once but to the wrong group should have been china where most of these fake games come from slant eye bitches

  11. Yeah I agree with all the other reviews of Pandas Fortune. I betya “Panda” ,whoever the fuck that is, is rolling around in a massive pile of bitcoin in Metaverse or whatever the shits called these days. Fuck all the internet scammers, the pack of cunts!


  13. I have earned over $5000. Really needed the money to pay off bills. Not to go on vacation or shop or buy a car. I got as far as “cash out” but I have to complete a task,what task?? No explanation. So it will be deleted. I hope you game owners enjoy the money you received from my playing this stupid game. So I’m an idiot but karma will come for you.

  14. What a waste of time 24 hours turned into 3 days, then another 3 days. now I have to watch 15 to 20 ads to claim. What a waste of time that was. Should be ashamed of yourself false advertising. What a load of BS.

  15. I have been playing this app for just over a week. I have put in a claim for all the PayPal prizes. First I watched the 40 videos, then I played 15 or 50 of the lucky slots. Then it says, play three days. As I said I have been playing for over a week. I put my comments on the app site, I sent a message to the company email address that they say is theirs. Never any reply. Fun game to play but not for the money. This is nothing but a bull-shit scam. I would like to know how much they pay these actors to speak their lies and try to take advantage of many unsuspecting clients. I need a part time job. Can I spread lies for you and make a few bucks???

  16. This game is a scam doesn’t pay out. I played this game won 5 prize, told me I have to watch videos to cash out, then it told me to wait 24 hours. The 24 hours came and went, then it said wait 72 hours, waited, now it’s telling me 96 hours. They keep pushing it out so they don’t have to pay up. What a load of BS. This game is fake and wastes your time. I wonder how much they are getting paid for the endless video’s you have to watch. They must be laughing all the way to the bank because the tight a**es won’t pay up. SCAM ALERT!! SCAM ALERT!!!

  17. I’ve played to have 5 1000dollar pay out. Complete the task says money will deposit but nothing. No way to reach any support. It should be illegal to scam sr citizens. I have cancer and could really use to help with medical care. You people should be ashamed

  18. I been waiting for my pay out for more than3 days now. I really thought if was possible. I won a 1000, played long enough to win n 2500, 10000, and 25000. Each time moving to the next. Waiting on the count down just to have to wait out and for another cou t down lol, I can’t believe someone with my disbelief for scams got scammed into spend time that I can’t get back playing tgis game trying to make extra money. I’m not as smart as I think I am the joke is really on me. If we can make them pay count me in.

  19. I really want to know why Google is letting these fake apps get three isn’t there se sort of contract or something

  20. subliminal rage and everything like that about the company’s website that promotes false advertising towards individuals who are driven into the false lies about the game 🎮 itself is a total failure of misunderstanding between the people who complained about the matter of that fact that should be or not be considered to be a tolerance…

  21. This game just as others are totally bullshit and something has to done if not the mother motherfuckers will continue to scam unsuspecting individuals….

  22. I used your app completely trusting you. But instead I found out it’s all a lie. I got to $1000 then $ 2500 then $5000 a last $10000. I was promised to be able to cash out immediately after getting to each level. And low and behold that all was a lie.Now I will tell you the truth and the truth is I’m reporting you to the better business bureau and asking my congressman to push for regulations on these apps. I’m not going to rest until people like you and people that are running apps are closed down and punished.You wasted my time , now I’m going to take your time. Keith Terry

  23. I’ve been playing this for days and I’m up to 55,000 that I will never see …just like everyone else…it would count down and just return to 3 days..Bunch of bull shit!!!!

  24. Somebody start up the lawsuit. Count me in!!! I basically waited two weeks now they talking about collect some gems but doesn’t tell you how. I’ve done all the payouts and still waiting.

  25. Somebody start up the lawsuit. Count me in!!! I basically waited two weeks now they talking about collect some gems but doesn’t tell you how. I’ve done all the payouts and still waiting. I’m actually at level 30 and never got a gem but they want me to get 50….. 😂🤣😂

  26. Sorry to say but a law suit, no good . The reason is we download the app on our owe free will. 😮‍💨😫
    Plus whats the difference from loosing $ in a regular casino we still get screwed .
    “If it to good to be true, its not “

  27. This game is a scam don’t believe the hype it pays nothing. All this game do is get paid for us people down loading it. Uninstaller the game. I cashed out 4 times still nothing. This game is not legit

  28. This game is a total scam. I cashed out many of times and waited the waiting period. Paid the processing fee and never received a dime. Then I return to the game and the cash outs are no where to be found. Companies should never be allowed to get away with this. Totally false advertising and false comments because they DO NOT pay out.

  29. Meri payment panda salot me Mane Ac no bhi Dall diya tha par ap ke office se msg aya customer care se baat karo

  30. What a scam on panda fortune. People play to make a little extra money sence food has sky rocked. And all your company can do is scam people.This is why I hate the social media..SCAM! SCAM!

  31. Where is my money at first you said wait 24 hours now you saying wait 72 hours what kind of jokes you playing? I ready need my money $16,000.00 give me my money I put in alot of hours for that money.

  32. To all the fraudsters at unity games: I hope your children never learn to read and their children be born without legs

  33. Is this the same game where you play the game you get all this money and at the end they say you need 50 gems I have 47 gyms for 8 months and can never get the rest of the g e m s.

  34. I have waited 2 months for over $650,000.00 in winnings. They do not respond at all. Google can “claim no responsibility” in a JURY TRIAL as they allowed the app to continue AFTER KNOWING IT WAS FRAUDULENT. LET US ALL SUE GOOGLE FOR IT!!! WE KNOW THEY HAVE THE MONEY! AND THEY KNOW WE HAVE BEEN FRAUDED! SUE GOOGLE!

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