Piggy King – An App That Pays You To Play? [Review]

Piggy King – Legit or scam?

This time I’ll tell you about  Piggy King , an  application to earn money playing games  that is always presented as an  app that does pay . The game is another game of chance that would not attract attention by itself unless it came with an otherworldly proposal and yes, it is supposed to pay us to play and that is exactly what I am going to review.

Remember to read until the end, there I will tell you if it is a  reliable paying app  or just another  junk application , all based on my experience. If you don’t feel comfortable with the information, you can try the app for yourself, after all, we are here to help, not to convince someone. If it is an  application to earn money by playing  I will tell you, so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a  junk app , I will tell you so you don’t waste your time. We do not promote anyone and we have nothing to do with any studio or app, we are just users like you and that is reflected in our opinions.

In addition, at the end you will have the names of some lists that gather  apps that do pay , review them and you will surely find one that is of great help. Most will be  applications to earn money playing games . Ok, let’s focus on the available information about  Piggy King  before we continue: the first thing is it was published in April of this year and it was last updated in June of this year. So far it has more than 10,000 downloads and not a single review from its users.

What is Piggy King?

Piggy King  is a game of chance that tries to get away from the typical and mixes with other concepts that you will surely understand if you have already used any other online casino. It’s not like this aspect adds much excitement to the game either, since half the time you don’t even know what’s happening. The game is visible and is full of colors, but this is just a strategy to make its proposal of being an  application to earn money  by playing simple mind games more attractive.

In case you’re wondering, the company that created it is called  Moondrop  and has released eight other apps so far. All these games are supposed to be  applications to earn money by playing  and I know this because in this blog we have already tried several of their proposals, sadly they have all ended up being a disappointment. Each ad, each image and each promise regarding being an  app that if you pay  is nothing more than a lie designed to attract the public and then stay there complying with its rules.

The studio that created it ( Moondrop ) is not for a second trustworthy and to this is added the fact that it is an application that has in-app  purchases . One thing I recommend you not to touch. Neither believe in what it promises you, since that promise of being an  app that if you pay for  it fades over time.

Piggy King

Installation and registration in Piggy King :

The application is easy to find and is very likely to be among the first positions, although I recommend you check the name of the studio. If you have a compatibility problem, it will not appear or it will not show you any installation option, for this there is no solution and it is best to look for another app.

Luckily, no registration is needed to log in, so don’t worry about having to link an external account or leave sensitive information. You just focus on playing.

Piggy King

How to play?

Once you are inside  Piggy King  you will see that everything is very chaotic and as soon as you press a button hundreds of things start to appear on the screen that lead to nothing. They do this to get your attention and distract you from the main thing, their supposed  reward . In addition, you will have some boxes on the screen with help, account settings and one that you should never touch, the  purchase box with real money . Never touch her.

What you have to do is indicated by the application itself, since sometimes you just have to press a button that says “Spin” for the images to start rolling and on other occasions, you will have to press some kind of chest. Anyway, the app will give you the instructions and even if it isn’t, luckily it’s easy to guess. And speaking of luck, that is the only thing you will need to  win your reward , since it is still a game of chance in which you cannot influence and you depend solely on this aspect. Although it always works one way: you start winning and then you go with a streak in which you lose everything, that’s when they take the opportunity to tell you to  make an online purchase  that again, I do not recommend at all.

The  reward  is delivered in the middle of the game and is distributed between  coins  and tokens, although you cannot know which ones you will get and it is only a matter of luck. Also after a while they will give you the possibility to see an ad to  multiply your earnings , but I do not recommend doing so.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


You can  request your payments  only through  PayPal  and  Amazon , so you choose which one you like best or which one you have an account with, although it won’t help you much. The  minimum withdrawal  is the same in both options and it is about  $500 dollars  that is difficult to reach and if you stop to think,  it is  impossible for any app to pay you that amount .

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Does Piggy King pay?

Piggy King does not pay,  it is a waste of time in which it is better not to fall. The app is very well designed, as it captures your attention at all times and doesn’t even allow you to question aspects that would surely lead you to discover that it is a  PUA  more easily. The game is also boring and repetitive, it is not funny and much less entertaining. From my point of view there is no way to have this app on your cell phone, delete it and better check our lists of  apps that do pay .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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