Poll Pay, How Much Can You Earn? Do You Really Pay?

Poll Pay, can you really win or is it Scam?

The first thing is that Poll Pay is one of the most reliable applications that you will find in the Play Store. Developed by BitBurst GmbH , a studio that has three other apps that pay to take surveys and have mixed reviews.

It came out more than 4 years ago (April 5, 2018 ) , it has more than 5 million downloads and more than 700,000 comments that qualify it with 4.5 stars .

This is perhaps one of the few apps I know of that didn’t buy bots or force their users to rate it. Poll Pay feedback is real and from the looks of it this is a serious app.

What is PollPay?

Poll Pay is an application designed for you to answer what you find and they give you a reward for it, each survey has a different reward and a different resolution time.

You find it available for Android and IOS, the reward is delivered directly in dollars or euros to your account without the need for you to convert points, as is typical.

Using it is quite simple since it has an intuitive interface and you will find the surveys in the main tab. You will see the time it takes you and how much money you can earn.

Poll Pay

Installation and registration in Poll Pay.

You look for it in the Play Store and select the first option. In fact, while you write the name, the Play Store will already be showing it to you so that you can go directly, if not, then you select the first one that comes out.

It weighs 24 Mb , a really light application. You wait for it to download and after you enter Poll Pay you can register through a Facebook, Google or Twitter account. You accept terms and conditions and that’s it, you can start earning.

Poll Pay

How does it work?.

Its operation is quite simple and like other applications of this type, Poll Pay asks you to complete your profile to find out what type of surveys may be available to you.

You can find the survey to complete your profile in the main tab in the box that says “qualification” , it has a reward of €0.32 euro cents and it takes around 5 minutes to complete. I recommend you answer all the questions no matter how personal it may be.

When you already have your complete profile you will begin to see the surveys available to you in the menu. Each one will be accompanied by the time it takes you and the euros you can earn so that you can determine if it is worth it or not.

How do you pay?.

For the withdrawal there are 5 enabled options that are: PayPal, Amazon, Spotify, Google and App Store & iTunes.

For PayPal and Amazon card the minimum is €5 euros, while paying Spotify, Google card and App Store & iTunes the minimum withdrawal is €10 euros.

If you wonder if it pays , the answer is yes. It is currently one of the most reliable applications you will find on the Google platform. Poll Pay has managed to earn the trust of its users through the seriousness they offer in their application when making the payment.

Conclusion about Poll Pay.

This is possibly one of the most trusted money earning apps . Of course you will not become a millionaire , you should take it only as an extra income to your usual income .

I recommend that you install it and enter the code “CE4GRU4EA7” to receive a welcome bonus , in addition to becoming a referral to this blog and in this way you can support what we do here.

If you want to know more applications that pay like Poll Pay then check the blog, you will find applications that are already proven. In addition, we will notify you if any becomes a waste of time so that you do not download it.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:


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