Popstar Winner Legitimate Method To Earn Money? [Review]

Popstar Winner, Scam or legit?

Possibly you have already seen Popstar Winner , an application to earn money by playing games that is presented in various advertisements and always claims to be a paying app . The game is not in itself anything new, in fact it is simply another copy of the typical puzzle game that we have seen many times and well, sometimes it has been an app that does pay and in others it has been a junk app , so it is better review it before proceeding and trust it.

The application has been published for a long time (March 2022) and has more than 1 million users so far. It was last updated in March of this year and seems to be looking to grow even more. In the same way, the fact that it still does not have any public comments seems suspicious to me, something curious if we take into account that it has already been published for a year. I don’t think a legit make money gaming app really has to hide opinions from the public, so we’re off to a bad start here.

The same does not matter what happens with this app, in the final part of the article you will be able to find the names of some lists of apps that do pay . All the applications there are verified, so you can download them with peace of mind. If this turns out not to be an app that does pay , you can search these lists to find a legitimate earn money gaming app and start generating extra income .

What is Popstar Winner?

Popstar Winner is a puzzle game that introduces us to a game that we’ve already known a lot about, a game that you may already be a bit tired of watching and that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. This particular app is quite well-known, but there isn’t much information about it yet and it doesn’t seem like users can find a concrete opinion, so this article is for Tello. The app was put to the test for a while and during the time I was in it I noticed that even its interface is quite similar to others and worst of all, it has exaggerated advertising that makes it almost impossible to play.

In case you’re wondering, this app was created by Hacomics , a studio that only has one other app published and although I haven’t seen any ads about it so far, it seems like it’s still an app to earn money by playing games. . But hey, for now we will only talk about Popstar Winner . A game that is nothing more than a copy, full of ads and with few options to perform that would end up boring anyone.

Personally, it seems to me that it is quite evident that it is just a junk app , something that contrasts with the advertising that promises to be an app that does pay . I think it would be good if you discard any apps created by Hacomics because they are simply not very reliable.

Popstar Winner

Installation and registration in Popstar Winner:

It is relatively easy to find the app, you just have to make sure you search correctly for its name so that it can appear among the first places in the list of results. If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, something for which there is no solution, so I advise you to continue on your way and look for another application.

At first no registration will be necessary, although eventually if you must. To register, it is necessary to have a Google account or a Facebook account, although I recommend the last option because it seems that through the Google account many errors are presented.

Popstar Winner

How to play?

The operation of Popstar Winner is only based on one game, this one is quite recognized and it is about a lot of tiles that are in the middle of the screen. It is a box that has different tiles that are placed at random and that are distinguished by the colors that each one has. From time to time you miss a commercial and it becomes almost impossible to play because advertising always appears.

The objective is, as always, to form groups of at least two tiles that are identical in color and in this way they will destroy each other and leave a free space. Unlike other games in which new tiles appear, this will not happen here, there will only be one free space, until you finish with the tiles or it is not possible for you to make more groups. At the end of each level, the remaining tiles will be taken and they will be destroyed by themselves, although it seems that they do not give you points or coins for this .

The reward is distributed in coins , diamonds or points , this seems to depend on what the app selects. Each reward will be given randomly and to tell you the truth, it’s a bit low and not worth it even if it really is a paying app .

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


As legit as it seems and certainly pays off , there comes a point where you feel like it’s not a good idea to keep playing. There is no withdrawal box , nor is it possible to see withdrawal methods or how much each currency is equivalent to , so it becomes evident that it is simply a scam application .

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Popstar Winner Conclusion:

Although in each of the ads it is presented as an excellent application to earn money playing games , it seems that the creator forgot to keep the lie once you enter the app. The game is well programmed, but nothing more than that. There is no withdrawal box , there are no payment methods either , you will only receive your reward , but it seems that this can only be spent within the game and nothing else. Popstar Winner is an app that does not pay , I’m sorry to ruin your illusion.

In this blog you can find multiple apps that do pay on different lists, the apps are verified and have information on the lists, since it has a small review. In addition, they also have an article where you can find more information and compare each one to find out how profitable it is to use. Even below you will have a link that redirects you to the most extensive list of all, there you can find apps that pay you for all kinds of tasks .

To access these lists, you just have to go to the menu and from there look for the following names: “Applications to earn money online 2023” , “Five applications that help you earn extra money” , “25 Best Apps to Earn Money” , “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” and “Best apps to earn extra money 2023” . If you have any questions you can leave it in the comments, you can also leave in the comments the name of any app that you want us to review.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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