Remint – Earn Money With Mining App?

A promising application is circulating in the Play Store , Remint , an application of Swedish origin that is only in its first phase of three, is giving much to talk about for its innovative proposal, dabbling in Real Estate , but this will be in the third and last phase, for the moment I will tell you what we have available today and if it is worth having the application on your device, will Remint be a revolutionary application? Is there any alert that what they propose is false ? Today we are going to make it known, come with me to know Remint and verify if it is an App that does Pay.

What is Remint?

It is an Android application in which we can mine the Remint coin and save it in our Wallet or digital Wallet , which will have three phases and is currently in the first . In the next segment I will give you a little more information about the phases, provided by the official Remint site .

The founders have come up with a plan and divided it into Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Phase 1 – The company has launched the app and you can start mining from day one.
Phase 2 – You can start withdrawing the coins from the electronic wallet to another wallet or continue to keep them in the existing Remint wallet.
Phase 3: They will finish the business model of the application and publish it with Real Estate features.

In the future you will be able to buy real estate with the coins generated from the Remint application .
You cannot withdraw the coins as of now and must wait until December of this year ( 2022 ).


How to Install and register in Remint?

Remint is available for Android devices, and we can find it in the Play Store.

We are going to follow the following series of steps to be able to register correctly in Remint :

First we must install the Remint application from the Play Store.

Step 1: Launch the application.

Step 2: Being in the main menu we will touch the “Sign Up” button

Step 3: In the form we will place the following data:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Referral Code (10 Free Coins when putting any Referral Code)

Step 4: We accept the app’s policies and finish the registration.

The data entered in the registry must be valid and authentic for a correct use of the application, it is recommended that you save all the information to avoid the loss of the account and recover it at some point.


Remit Features

How to use it?

The use of the application is very easy, we will have several things to do in Remint, such as:

  • Undermine
    • As simple as hitting the Start button at the beginning, you will start generating Remint coins with which you can make changes and even buy Goods in the future.
  • Bonus Coins
    • Every 20 minutes the app will give us 1 extra coin in the Bonus section , this will help us have more Remint coins and increase future earnings.
  • global chat
    • In this Global Chat it is very useful to talk with the other people who use the application , in this we will meet people from all over the world, to share ideas, ask without any restrictions.

How do they pay you?

The Remint app will not allow you to withdraw the coins and will be available in Phase 2 which will be rolled out in December 2022 . You can install the app for free and you don’t have to pay a single penny in advance. I’m happy with the approach and it doesn’t consume a lot of battery in the background.

final verdict

My final verdict is that Remint is an application that seeks to innovate and with a great future, the structure and plan of the developers gives a touch of extra reliability and makes you want to stay longer in the application, being able to mine its currency to the maximum so that when it comes time to enable withdrawals you have a lot to start with, even if you want to buy Real Estate in the 3rd Phase , you can do it, this is an application that you should not miss, and that you should try and keep it in your device.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:

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