Richie: Play & Earn Money – Does It Really Work?  [Review]

Richie: Play & Earn Money – Does it pay or is it a scam?

If you are wondering if Richie: Play & Earn Money is a scam or pay, you have just come to the right place, here I will tell you everything you need to know about the application. Remember to read until the end and find out everything, in addition to knowing information that can help you.

Before continuing with the article, remember that I will base it solely on my experience, my opinion will be totally impartial. The blog has nothing to do with any studio or app, we are independent and we only seek to help you because we understand how annoying it is to find junk apps. If an application is legitimate I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk application, I will tell you so you don’t waste your time using it.

At the bottom I will leave you the names of some lists that bring together apps that do pay, I invite you to review them. Each list has different applications and each application has an article in which you can find more information about each one so that it is clear to you how to use them, although you can leave any questions in the comments. Anyway, let’s see if Richie: Play & Earn Money is a scam or pays.

What is Richie: Play & Earn Money?

Richie: Play & Earn Money is an app that allows you to try various games, something similar to Reward Plus, only the latter also had other tasks available. Also, a curious aspect is that this app apparently started as a cell phone optimizer and then made the leap to offering games and paying you to try them and from what I can see, some users are not entirely happy with this decision.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by Mega Fortuna , a company that has published seven other applications so far. From what I could see, curiously it seems that the only one that is presented to the public as an option to earn money is Richie , the rest are optimization apps or VPNs that have nothing to do with a rewards app.

If I’m being real, it’s curious the path this study took. I can’t explain how he went from creating applications that will help your cell phone to blatantly lying to get an audience. I understand that other studios use lies to gain a community, but they were already successful, there was no need for this.

Richie: Play & Earn Money

Installation and registration in Richie: Play & Earn Money:

The application is easy to find because it has a quite particular name, but it is best that you also check the name of the company that created it to avoid any confusion. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone since from what I understand, the app is available worldwide.

To enter, it is not necessary to make any type of registration or leave any personal information, so you can breathe easy.

How does it work?

Once you enter Richie: Play & Earn Money you will see a series of instructions in which they tell you every detail of the application and take you to know its different boxes, with the reward and games being the most important. When you finish the short tour they give you the option to start playing, for this you can select any game you want.

Your only objective here is to fulfill the task that they give you when installing each app, for this you must read the description very well and calculate how much time you have to meet your goal. Generally they will ask you to reach a certain level or get a special item, but depending on the game, the time can be quite extended and if you are not judicious and finish before the established time, you can lose all your effort. Since these are external games, you do not have any help.

The reward is added after 24 hours of meeting your goal and you always have the support to write or make a claim. You can also track your earnings in history. Another thing is that although the app itself does not have many ads, the games it sends you to will have quite a few commercials.


You can request your payment through PayPal and Wase , although I think the most popular option is PayPal . The minimum withdrawal is $10 dollars in both options and to do so you must have 100,000 coins in your balance.

Although the withdrawal amount is minimal, the app does not live up to its promise. It’s all a simple lie.

Richie: Play & Earn Money

Does Richie: Play & Earn Money pay?

No, Richie: Play & Earn Money doesn’t pay , it’s just another lie from the Play Store. I know that when you searched if Richie: Play & Earn Money was a scam or paid you really expected another answer, but I think it’s better to be disappointed than to waste your time with a trash app. If you stop to read the comments, you will notice that all of them are related to another topic and none of them talk about a successful payment. What’s more, you can even see how some users talk about leaving their reviews obligatory.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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