SagaJob – A Job Search App? [Review]

SagaJob – Legit or scam?

This time we will review  SagaJob , an  online job search application  that always presents itself as a  legitimate app. For some time now it is not strange to find an  application to find a job online , in fact they are quite popular and usually attract a lot of attention, the creators take advantage of this to attract users and thus be able to take advantage of them.

For all this I will try the app, so if you want to know everything about the app it is best to read until the end, there I will give you a conclusion of what I found. Remember that we are only users like you and we do not promote anyone, nor do we have anything to do with any studio or app. Everything you will read here is the product of my experience and if you wish, you can leave us in the comments how your experience was. We will never recommend anything that does not work, especially in the case of a supposed  application to find a job online , since it can be an excuse to scam you. We are here to chart a path and don’t waste your time, much less money.

So far I have come across several  applications to find jobs online , none of them have worked and it seems to be quite a challenge to find one that does. Let’s hope this time it works. At the moment I recommend that you review our lists, there you will find some  apps that do pay . All apps are different and you can find all kinds of  apps to earn money for free  and thus  generate extra income  while you get a stable job.

What is SagaJob?

SagaJob  is an application to find jobs online  that is similar to all the apps in this niche: a simple interface and several job proposals that are unrealistic and have a better payment than what is usually offered. Sadly, it seems that they all follow the same formula and that they all have the same objective: to attract users and then scam them. Personally I will always recommend that you go to known platforms and do not trust any app from the Play Store.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by a studio that doesn’t have much experience:  v2304nx5d . This company apparently has not published any other application so far, neither an  app to earn money with tasks , nor another  application to find a job online . It seems that all their effort revolves around  SagaJob , its promotion and eventual success that can leave very favorable figures for its creators, but that without a doubt can be a big problem for all users who try it. 

Personally, the fact that its creator  (v2304nx5d)  has believed that it is correct to ask its users  how much money they earn per month  when users are supposed to be looking for a job, makes me believe that it is simply a  scam . There’s no point in me asking this unless I’m going to ask you for money later, which I don’t recommend ever doing.


Installation and registration in SagaJob:

The application can be somewhat difficult to find, so it is best that you enter from an advertisement so as not to get lost or have to search for it so much. If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, something for which there is no solution and for which it is best to look for another app.

Curiously, registration is not required and it does not allow you to create a “resume”, something that is already common in this type of app. What if, is that later it asks for your phone number and although it is your decision if you enter it or not, I recommend that you do not.


How does it work?

When you enter SagaJob  you will be greeted by a fairly simple tab with no box to interact with. You will only have the  job offers  in a list that you can explore, all of them have a fairly extensive description that will make everything clear to you. You have specifications such as your work, the time in which you must work and of course, the amount of money that will pay you for it.

Unlike other  job search apps online , there is nowhere for you to explore here. There are no windows, portfolios or the option to create a profile and configure it, you just have to press the option that most attracts your attention and apply. For this it will be necessary to leave your name, telephone number, date of birth and curiously, you must reveal  how much money you earn monthly . There is no logic to the latter and it is not a fact that they ask you in any job interview, unless they seek to  steal your money  and disappear.

A positive point if I must give it, and it is that at least he did not follow the same rule as always and took you out of the app to go to WhatsApp. A technique to steal data and then get the user into trouble.

Application to find work online - app that does pay


It is not possible to find a  payment method , since being an  application to find work online  does not have this option. You have to discuss everything with regard to money with whoever hires you, since the application will not be responsible for this. It will also be with the employer with whom you decide where the payment will be and how often.

Application to find work online - app that does pay

Does SagaJob pay?

SagaJobs is not an application to find work online , this is noticeable from the beginning. In fact, asking for information such as  your monthly income  is suspicious, especially when the app seems to have been created by someone on this side of the pond. What I honestly believe is that someone created it in order to know this personal data and to know if they can make the person the target of their extortion or not. And yes, this may sound a bit strong, but being in Latin America I expect anything.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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