Sea Tree Winner – Does It Allows You To Win Free Robux?

Sea Tree Winner – Does it really pay?

If you are wondering if Sea Tree Winner is a scam or really pays, you have just come to the right place. Here you will find all the information you need to know the app and know if it is worth using it or it is better to look for other options. Remember to read until the end and comment on how you thought of the article.

Before continuing I want to remind you that this blog has nothing to do with any study or app, we review applications independently. Our goal is not to promote or promote any of the applications we talk about, we are only looking to help you as we understand how annoying it can be to come across so many junk apps. No matter what the result is, I will always tell you so you can draw your own conclusions.

Also, no matter what the final result is, at the bottom I will leave you the name and access to several lists that have apps that pay and can help you. All the apps on these lists have been tested and are safe to use. Each application there has an article where you can find more information. But hey, let’s see if Sea Tree Winner app is a scam or paid.

What is Sea Tree Winner?

I don’t think you’ll be surprised when I tell you what Sea Tree Winner is about , after all it’s pretty obvious: it’s simply a puzzle game like any we’ve seen before. Basically it is a blatant copy of other downloaded copies, something like Gem Strike Miner, but without the mining and in exchange for offering money it offers you free Robux . The only thing in which the two games are similar is the number of advertisements they have and that can destroy anyone’s patience.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by Wing Sword, a studio that I already know on this blog as I have reviewed their other app: Merge Ten Crush. So far the company has only published this one other app and yes, it is also promoted as an excellent option to earn money through each of the ads it has. Everything seems to indicate that this study decided to go down the wrong path and lie to users in order to get some downloads, although of course not many will keep the cell phone on their phones after learning the truth.

Whenever you see a supposed application to earn money, the best thing you can do is look for information, this way you will be safer and you don’t risk wasting time. Asking yourself if Sea Tree Winner app is scam or paid was a good decision and it is what you should always do.

Sea Tree Winner

Installation and registration in Sea Tree Winner:

The application is easy to find because it has a particular name, however I recommend that you also check the names of the studio that created it and make sure you install the correct one. If you can’t find it, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone and there is no solution for this.

No registration is necessary to enter, although you can link your Roblox account from the beginning.

How does it work?

Once you enter Sea Tree Winner you will see a board on which there are several colored chips and some instructions so you understand how to play. Another aspect that you can count on is a menu at the bottom of the screen, from which you can go to the different sections of the app and other games that it has and that can also help you get your reward.

The objective in the main game is to press the groups of at least three pieces of the same color that you see, in this way they will be destroyed and leave a space. You win once the entire screen is empty. Now, if what you want is to go to other games you must use the menu at the bottom. When you locate it, you must press the second box and navigate through all the games that you will have available until you find one that catches your attention. Each game will have its own style and its own rules, be sure to do some test games first to learn.

The reward is automatically added to your account and you can see it reflected in the box that appears at the top. You also have a box that loads every few minutes and also gives you coins , although in exchange you must watch ads.


You can request your payment only through Robux, the official Roblox currency, so if you are not interested I recommend that you review our lists to find other options. The minimum withdrawal is 10,000 coins and although I know that this amount can help many in their games, I am sorry to tell you that it is just a lie.

Once you achieve the minimum payment, it will allow you to enter your account information, but the payment will never reach you because it is all a lie.

Sea Tree Winner

Does Sea Tree Winner pay?

The truth is that no, Sea Tree Winner does not pay, it is just one of the many wastes of time that you can find in the Play Store. The only objective of this application is to generate income for its creator through ads, which is why they insist so much that you see commercials, but you will never receive anything. The best thing is that you delete the app and look for other options, that’s why you have our lists.




If you want to know AN APP THAT DOES PAY, I leave you the following link

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