Solitaire: Decor Dreams – Does It Pay You To Play? [Review]

Solitaire: Decor Dreams – Scam or Pay?

If you are wondering if Solitaire: Decor Dreams is a scam or really paid, you have just come to the right place, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app. Remember to read until the end to know if it is worth it or it is better to look for other options.

Before continuing with the article, remember that this blog has nothing to do with any study or app, we are an independent site. Just like you, we are users, we understand how annoying it is to find junk apps and that is why we seek to help you. If an application is legitimate I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, I will tell you so you don’t waste your time and look for other options. Remember that I will never hide any results from you.

Also, no matter what the result of the app is, at the bottom you can find the name and access to some lists that bring together apps that do pay. Each list has different applications and all of them were tested by someone on the blog, you can use them with confidence. Most have games that pay you, but you can find other options such as apps that pay you to walk, etc. Well, now let’s see if Solitaire: Decor Dreams is a scam or pays.

What is Solitaire: Decor Dreams?

At first glance, Solitaire: Decor Dreams could be confused with any other solitaire game, only here a key aspect is added: you can earn materials in each game to remodel or decorate your house. I know it sounds curious and at first glance it could be said that it has nothing to do with playing with others and to a certain point it is true, but its creator decided to put it together to “have fun” even more and in the process offers us a reward for it.

The app was created by Al Fusion Team, a studio I’ve never heard of and can’t find any information about either. From what I could see on its profile in the Play Store, the company has only published one other app so far, although this one has nothing to do with games or monetary rewards and focuses on image enhancement through the use of artificial intelligence. The fact is that it is a studio without much experience and seems to be taking its first steps in this niche, which further increases my distrust.

My advice in all articles is the same and will always be the same; You should look for information whenever you see an app that offers money and not believe the first thing they tell you. Asking yourself if Solitaire: Decor Dreams pays or is a scam was the best decision, so you save your time.

Solitaire: Decor Dreams

Installation and registration in Solitaire: Decor Dreams:

You can easily find the app because it has a unique name and is quite popular, but I still recommend that you also check the name of the studio that created it and make sure you install the correct one. If you cannot find it, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone and for this there is no solution, you must look for other options.

No registration is required to enter, you just have to play and win as much as possible.

How does it work?

The way Solitaire: Decor Dreams works is quite simple and at the same time curious because it mixes two games that are supposed to have nothing to do with each other. Furthermore, if you enter expecting a solitaire game, you may be surprised by the fact that first a room is waiting for you to be decorated. The two games don’t have much to do with each other, but the creator knew how to put them together and here I am to explain how it works.

Your objective is to gain resources in each solitaire game you have, for this you must know how to organize the cards in descending order according to the value of each one. Remember that in solitaire you do not compete against anyone and you also do not have a time limit, you just have to know the value of each symbol. Once you manage to earn some diamonds and other things you can return to the room that was waiting for you at the beginning, there you can start with the renovations.

The reward is automatically added to your account and you can see it in your balance, although it is divided into coins and diamonds , the latter being what interests us the most.


You can request your payment through PayPal or gift cards, although I will always recommend PayPal as it is the most convenient option. The minimum withdrawal on PayPal is $1,000 dollars while on gift cards it is $100 dollars .

I understand that seeing these amounts may create an illusion in you, but it is all about staging for you to use the application. It’s all a lie, you will never receive any payment .

Solitaire: Decor Dreams

Does Solitaire: Decor Dreams pay?

No, I’m sorry to disappoint you but no, Solitaire: Decor Dreams does not pay , it is just one of the many junk applications that you can find in the Play Store. The game was created with the sole intention that the creator generates income, but no one else will benefit from using it. All the advertisements you have to endure are in vain, you will not have any reward in the end. It is best that you delete the app and leave that space free for other options.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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