Surprise Eggs: Super Joy Toy – Is it worth it? (Review)

Once again in an article, looking to find out if this app, Surprise Eggs: Super Joy Toy, is true, or are we facing another scam app more, we have to be aware of the importance of reading this type of articles to find out if the applications we have in mind to generate more money, are legitimate or scam, within our you can find different applications which if they will pay you to play, answer surveys, or watch Videos, something to keep in mind, is that you should not trust applications that show their very attractive dynamics, I mean those that promise to pay you thousands of pesos, to do the least, as that will never happen.

What is Surprise Eggs: Super Joy Toy?

This is a fairly simple application, has more than 1 million downloads, which in my opinion is quite surprising and here is nothing different from the others that you can find on platforms like Google Play and Play Store, but well, we do not come to judge the tastes of absolutely no one, it is suitable for all audiences, including children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

It has more than 4.6 rating, and with more than 5.25k opinions, the last update that was given, was relatively recently, the date is March 3, 2023, and as I always mention I hope this maintenance is not for the dissatisfaction of users, but because in reality the developers are concerned about giving a good service.

Installation and registration in Surprise Eggs: Super Joy Toy:

There is no complication whatsoever what could come to arise at the time of installing the app, you just have to search for it on Google, to be able to make sure that the indicated application you can send you by the image, it is a Hulk inside a chocolate egg, it is part of the Higame Global studio, and it does not ask you for any kind of registration at the moment you want to start playing.

Its dynamics is simple, it has interactive ads, which can be a bit annoying because you can not skip them, and you have to see them in full, it seems to me that every time you have a new reward the game will send you a new ad to claim it, this can be a bit annoying for most and back here it makes the process of earning money longer, in case it is true.

To be able to play, that’s all it asks you, its operation is simple, and I dare say that even a little boring, since the most games are the most entertaining, at first the first thing that will seem to you is going to be a car, which you must press the screen to move forward, After that, you will reach a certain point where you will be sent to another window, and there will be a band like the ones in supermarkets, where you will see a mysterious box, you have to click on it to open it, and after that you will see the first ad, to be true, it is very tedious.

Payments in Surprise Eggs: Super Joy Toy:

Honestly this application is not going to pay you, and the best recommendation I can give you is not to download it, do not waste your time there are other options, as I always tell you, in this blog we have a list of apps that do pay, and it will be much easier for you to find the application that best suits your need.

It does not come any time because means the payment will be made, which first hand detracts already quite confident the application, and I must say, I’m sure what the mode of operation of this app, is similar to other scam apps, where when you want to claim your money, unlock your account, etc..


I was hoping that this time it would be a different conclusion, something positive at last, but we continue with the arduous search, to find apps that do pay and that are worth it, we do the work for you, to make it easier for our readers, to find an app that fits their needs.

This time it was a non-paying app, but don’t be discouraged, I can assure you that you will find one soon, one that is worth it, and that does pay.

I invite you to read our blog, it will be very helpful for you, and you will not regret it, we have a long list of apps that do pay, and reviews about scam apps.




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