Swagbucks Review: a powerful app to make money

Swagbucks is a platform to earn money online from anywhere in the world where you are. Swagbucks is presented through a website and through an app where you can work from your cell phone. Swagbucks offers various activities for you to do and earn money for it.
Read carefully the following review about Swagbucks and make the most of its features to generate as much money as possible.

Swagbucks: is it legit?

Swagbucks is a fully legitimate platform that has been paying on time since 2008, which is a good sign for a website, which also functions as an app for mobile devices.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a rewards program where you earn money for completing various tasks. You can work through Swagbucks on its website or on the official Swagbucks app that you can easily find on Google Play. Swagbucks offers you several options to earn money: completing surveys, watching videos, signing up for free trials, playing games, surfing the internet and doing extra tasks.
The platform’s currency is called SB and each SB is equivalent to 0.01 US dollar. It seems little, but the platform offers you an infinite number of tasks that you can complete in seconds and thus add money to your balance.
To start working in Swagbucks you must register with an email address and then complete your personal profile. Keep in mind that the more complete your profile is, the better for you, since you will receive more surveys and more tasks to complete.

How does it work?

When you enter Swagbucks you will see all the task options that the platform offers you to earn money. When you finish a task you will earn points called “SB” and you can exchange them for dollars instantly. Payment is received after 10 working days of withdrawing the funds.
On your birthday you get an additional 55 SB and you can also get a personalized Swag Up with a rebate to redeem your gift cards. Just remember that the gift expires after 30 days.
Swagbucks has a referral system in which each referral who registers on the platform with your link earns 300SB, both he and you.
Every day you will find a special activity in which you can earn a little more money. Every day there will be a different task that if you manage to complete can earn you up to 1 and 4 additional SB. The tasks can range from a short 5 minute survey to a full 30 minute survey. It all depends largely on how much the platform values that you are participating.

Once you have accumulated the necessary points it will be your turn to redeem a prize. You can get vouchers for Amazon, Steam, iTunes, G2A, Zalando and money on PayPal. The most interesting gifts to win in Swagbucks are Amazon vouchers and PayPal payments.

To withdraw the money you simply have to choose the prize you want to redeem and follow the instructions. Obviously you have to reach the required points first.

Two secrets to make more money

The first secret to earn more money on Swagbucks is to be very active on the platform, this way they will send you more tasks to your account.
The second secret is to enter the Swagbucks mobile app every day, because there are more tasks there than on the website.

Conclusion of Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a safe and thriving platform for earning money online. The key is that you explore Swagbucks to the fullest to find tasks that interest you so you earn money while you entertain yourself in moments of leisure. Swagbucks represents a good source of extra income that you should take advantage of.



Swagbucks is currently paying.


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