Sweatcoin, An Application That Pays You To Walk

Sweatcoin – Walk and Earn Rewards Is it real?

It is not surprising that you have come across some SweatCoin advertising , whether using an app, on YouTube , on Tiktok , on any social network in fact, and that is, SweatCoin has carried out one of the most beastly advertising campaigns in recent years. times, and with its program for creators, it gave free rein to influencers to advertise said application, but is it possible to earn by walking? It is a question that many ask themselves, and well, if there is a logical answer, but I will be giving it to you at the end of the article, for now I will answer the basic questions, What is this application? And why has it caused such a stir? Today we are going to make it known, come with me to know SweatCoinand verify if it is an App that does pay.

What is sweatcoin?


Sweatcoin is a free mobile app released in 2016 that allows users to track their daily physical activity. Users can also set goals for themselves, such as how many calories they want to burn per week.

Sweatcoin claims to have more than 90 million users and the project has more than 400 partners where users can spend accumulated coins. The application is currently available in several countries, including Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

How to Install Sweatcoin?

SweatCoin is available on the Play Store for Android users , and on the App Store for iOS users .


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How does it work?

The founders say the app tracks and checks your steps outdoors using your phones’ accelerometers and GPS location .

The steps that are generated are then converted to your currency .

Every 1,000 steps generates 0.95 Sweatcoins and can be used to purchase goods in the in-app marketplace , with prices ranging from five to 20,000 Sweatcoins.


How do you earn money?

Sweatcoin earns money through its brand partners who pay to be featured in the marketplace section of the app.

You also earn money from the ads displayed in the app.

Users have to ‘ pay ‘ for the pleasure of having more of their steps counted in the day: they are charged a five percent commission on each Token generated.

While this could be considered a type of tax on your steps, the founders point out that it pays for friend invites and other bonuses that come from the Sweatcoin bank .

They explain: “Sharing five percent commission with us from every Sweatcoin you generate allows us to pay you back, and everyone in the Sweatcoin community.”

final verdict

My final verdict is that SweatCoin is a legitimate App in terms of what it offers, in exchange for walking it gives us Sweatcoins which we can exchange for prizes and donations , of course, you will not have huge profits in a short time , but if you are guaranteed that the you will have, after all, they will be paying you for something that is part of your daily life, you will not become a millionaire or much more with this app, but you can generate extra income that can help you buy things that you normally would not afford



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below


  1. i already downloaded an app few days ago . and i have 12 coins how can transfer to my currency? please can you help me?

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