Tea Break Link – Does It Pay You To Remove Chips?

Tea Break Link App – Review:

You may be wondering if Tea Break Link is legitimate or scam after seeing it in several ads, luckily you came to the right place, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app. Don’t forget to read the entire article to know all the information.

Before continuing, I remind you that this blog is independent, our opinion only reflects our experience within the app. We are not seeking to promote or promote the app in any way as we have no relationship with the app or the studio that created it, we are only seeking to inform and warn users about what they can find in the juice. Our goal is always to help our readers, which is why in each article you can find an honest and impartial opinion.

On the other hand, if this application does not convince you, it doesn’t matter, at the end of the article you can find the names of several lists that bring together apps that pay and can help you. All the applications in these lists are safe and paid, check them out. Anyway, let’s see if Tea Break Link app is legit or scam.

What is Tea Break Link?

Tea Break Link follows the concept that we have seen on multiple occasions, a game in which we have to remove pieces from the screen until the board is completely cleared, otherwise we will not receive our reward. You can say that this game is nothing new, nor exciting, but I think we are all here because it promises a payment and this is the only thing that matters to us, so I will focus on it.

This application was created by Show Developer, a studio that has only one other publication that has nothing to do with apps that offer money. On this occasion we apparently find ourselves in front of an Indian company that seeks to inform Susi compatriots about the most current news from their government, but for some reason at one point it deviated a little from the path and ended up publishing an app that supposedly offers payments to users.

At this point, it is not strange that some creators use apps that offer money to get downloads as a strategy, so I recommend that you carefully review the profile of each company and look for information. Asking yourself if Tea Break Link app is legit was a good choice and you should always do it.

Tea Break Link app

Installation and registration on Tea Break Link:

Finding this application can be somewhat complicated, so I recommend that you enter from an advertisement or search for it on the web next to the name of the company that created it. If it does not give you the option to install or you cannot find it, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone and there is no solution for this.

To enter you do not have to make any registration, you only have to give your information at the time of withdrawal.

Download Tea Break Link

How does it work?

The way Tea Break Link works is simple since it only consists of pressing some tiles to remove them from the screen. This game is quite simple and does not require much effort, you just need concentration and good observation to start being successful in each game. At first you’ll be greeted with a short tutorial that can clear up any questions you may have, and then you’ll be left to play on your own.

To start, you just have to press any tile and then look for another one that is similar. Everything seems to indicate that here you only have to form pairs instead of the typical groups of three tiles that we have always had. Once you manage to eliminate all the tiles you will have the option to go to another game or explore the app, although I warn you that there is not much to see. Each level will be more complicated than the previous one and the tokens will increase, they will also begin to appear more randomly.

The reward they promise you is added in the middle of the game, although the biggest profit comes from the levels that you successfully complete.

Download Tea Break Link


You can request your payment through PayTM or PhonePe, although the result will be the same no matter which option you select. The minimum payment is $450 dollars and once you reach this figure they unlock the payment section, but it is all a trick to give it greater credibility since the reality is that this app does not pay .

Tea Break Link app

Does Tea Break Link pay?

If you read the entire article you will already know the answer to this question, Tea Break Link does not pay, it is just a junk app. No matter how hard you try or how much money you manage to raise, the truth is that you will never be able to request a withdrawal because it is all a scam. The app generates money of course, but everything goes directly to the creator’s pocket, no one else will benefit.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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