Tile Crush 2021-Match 3 Review: is it a scam?

Tile Crush 2021-Match 3 is an app that presents itself as a reward game in which you can earn money by playing. The platform has paid a lot of money in advertising claiming that it does pay. The truth is that it is all a scam and you will never see any money through this platform. The app makes users believe that they will win hundreds of dollars playing, which is unrealistic. Legitimate apps pay small sums of money that can represent an extra income for you.
Read the following review below and learn about all the tricks Tile Crush 2021-Match 3 uses to deceive users.

Tile Crush 2021-Match 3: is it legit?

Tile Crush 2021-Match 3 is not a legitimate app, as it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to attract new users and keep them in the app for as long as possible.

Unfortunately Tile Crush 2021-Match 3 is not the only fraudulent app out there. That is why it is important to investigate an app before using it, as you could be disappointed.
Never trust the advertising campaigns that platforms use to publicize their apps, they are usually full of lies.

What is Tile Crush 2021-Match 3?

Tile Crush 2021 – Match 3 is an app created by Brain Fun Game, a developer company famous for being highly fraudulent. All the apps it designs are a fraud that deceives users. The platform offers hundreds of dollars to play within the app, something that is not real in the world of online entertainment.
If you want to download Tile Crush 2021-Match 3 to your device simply search for it by its name in the Play Store. If you want you can also find it by its Spanish name, “Loseta Aplastar 2021”. If you do not find it by either name, it is because the app is not compatible with your device.
The platform will not ask you for any registration or username to start playing. This is a negative aspect of the app, as the developers are not interested in you having a record of your evolution as a player.

How to play?

When you enter Tile Crush 2021 – Match 3 you will see a few tiles that are hidden underneath each other, which add up to 15 in total. You will have some boxes that you can interact with and help that you can turn to if necessary and if you are stuck at some point. The unpleasant thing is that to get help you will have to watch ads, or worse, hand over part of your reward.

The game is all about pressing some tiles to move them to the small box at the bottom of your screen. Your goal is to assemble some groups of three identical tiles. Once you achieve it, you will see that these tiles disappear and make room for the others, the level is completed when the board is empty. You just have to press the tiles and the game itself will make the groups and give you the reward.
The reward is given randomly. You should see advertisements and some promise to multiply your rewards.


When it comes to collecting your reward, Tile Crush 2021 – Match 3 has a minimum withdrawal of $50. The app has two payment methods: PayPal and bank transfers. Once you request your money, the platform pays you in three business days. The truth is that the money never arrives to your account because it is all a fraudulent scam.

Conclusion of Tile Crush 2021-Match 3

Tile Crush 2021 – Match 3 is a non-paying app, as it is a junk app. You should not download this app to your cell phone and if you already have it downloaded you should delete it right now from your device. Tile Crush 2021 – Match 3 is a waste of time and the best thing to do is to ignore it.
If you want to earn money through the various legitimate apps out there, you should explore AppsPayinMe. Here you will find apps that do pay and can be a good income option in your free time. For example, this app is paying and you can earn money through it.


Tile Crush 2021-Match 3 does not pay.


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