Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom – Legit app?

Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom – App Review:

If you are wondering if it is possible to earn money with Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom or if it is a scam, you have come to the right place, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app. Remember to read until the end if you want to know all the information and find the answers you are looking for.

Before continuing, I remind you that this blog has no relationship with the app, our goal is to review it, not promote it. This blog is independent, we do not seek to promote any of the applications we talk about. Just like you, we are users, we know how annoying it is to find a junk app and that is why we help you avoid them. You can always find an honest and unbiased opinion in each article.

Also in the comments you can tell us your experience and help give a clearer idea to other users about what they can find. You can also leave us the name of any app, I will review it and tell you if it is legit or not. Well, let’s see if it is possible to earn money with Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom or is it scam.

What is Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom?

As you can see in its promotional images, Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom is a fairly simple game in which you only have to form groups of at least three tiles that are identical. Games of this type are quite common in the Play Store and even more so if we talk about applications that offer money, but in my experience, so far I have not found the first one that is legitimate.

The application was created by AplhaTechStudio ( Tools & Apps ) (I didn’t spell the name wrong, that’s how it is), a studio that does not have any other published application so far. Finding information about that company is totally impossible, you can only see some information in the description of the Play Store. It is not easy to find reviews about the game either, although there is a little more information about this one and it does not leave it in a very good position.

From what I’ve been seeing, it is a game that is barely achieving recognition, but this does not prevent it from already having the first reviews from users. Apparently Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom is a scam.

Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom app

Installation and registration in Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom:

Finding this application is somewhat simple, although it can be confused with other similar options. Before installing the app, I recommend that you also check the name of the company that created it and avoid confusion. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone and there is no solution for this.

To enter, it is not necessary to make any type of registration, you just have to play until you reach the minimum payment.

Download Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom

How does it work?

Once you enter Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom you will see a screen in which there are several tiles placed and a rectangle at the bottom of the screen. All the cards have an image in the center that distinguishes them and helps us for later, I’ll tell you why. We also have a few boxes where we can find help and account settings.

Your objective in this game is nothing more than to form groups until the screen is completely empty, but to do this you must take into account some rules. To begin, all groups must have three pieces that are identical, no more, no less. Second, you can move several pieces to the rectangle, but you cannot occupy it completely, otherwise you will waste space and it will not be possible to form groups. Third, you must clear the top completely to move the bottom pieces.

Once the screen is completely empty you will be able to get the reward automatically to the box that appears at the top. The app has ads as usual, these will be annoying and impossible to avoid.

Download Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom


You can request your payment through PayPal, Pagbank, NuBank, VISA , etc. The minimum payout is $1,000 in all methods and before you quit your job to focus on this game, let me tell you that this is a simple scam. No matter how much you play, you will never get a real payout .

Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom app

Does Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom pay?

I’m sorry to disappoint you if what you expected was to earn money with Tiles: Sweet Donut Kingdom, but this app does not pa , it is just a scam. You can be playing there all afternoon or all week, in the end this effort will be of no use because you will not be able to get any money. The app generates income of course, but it all goes directly to the creator’s pocket. No user will benefit.




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