Veggie Onet, Do You Earn Money Combining? [Review]

Veggie Onet, another scam?

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about Veggie Onet, a self-proclaimed money making app, is this true? Well, today we will put this application to the test and determine if it is an app that does pay or a junk app. The truth is that it’s been a while since I reviewed an image matching game. But here we are, with the most realistic expectations possible. If you have already read several articles on this blog, you will know that matching games mostly do not work as an app to earn money.

But as I usually say, I don’t want to give a verdict early, so it’s better to test the app first. In any case, at the end of the article I will leave you some lists of applications to earn money verified by me. All were reviewed honestly and with the objectivity that we always present on the blog. You can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

I do this article based on my experience and that of other users who have tried the application. Everything I will say below was the result of my internal and external investigation of the app and the developer. If at any time you doubt what I say, you are free to try the application for yourself. If you try it, you can leave me a comment telling me how it went with it.

What is Veggie Onet?

Veggie Onet is an application to earn money by playing games released by WoW! Game LLC. On December 17, 2021. So it’s been around the net for a couple of years. WoW! Game LLC. She is known for creating apps like TikTube, WoW Merge: Numbers Merge Puzzl, Coin Merger: Clicker Game, and much more. It is a developer that has millions of downloads due to the popularity of its applications. But of course, I’m talking about popularity in terms of downloads, because reputation is not so well placed. Since most of its applications, if not all, do not fulfill what they promise.

We have already reviewed several of its apps and the truth is, we have been totally disappointed. Apps that promised a lot ended up being junk apps that were useless. A simple distraction to see ads and enrich its developers. With this said, you should know that I did not go with the best expectations regarding Veggie Onet.

But since I am one of those who do not judge a book by the writer, I decided to give it a try and try it. What you will see below was the result of all this information search.

Veggie Onet

Installation and registration in Veggie Onet:

If you want to get the app just search for it on Google Play, due to its popularity it will appear in the first result. Note that the developer is WoW! Game LLC. Since whenever a popular app appears, copies arrive that try to achieve the same thing. Once you find them, you can download and install it, this will be done automatically.

The app doesn’t have any logs, so that’s one more red flag there.

Veggie Onet

How does it work?

This game is like Mahjong, or Chinese Solitaire as it is often known. This type of game consists of touching two tiles with the same symbology. In the case of Mahjong, the symbology they use is Chinese, since it comes from there. But in Veggie Onet the aesthetics change a bit. Since Veggie Onet has a very farm setting, so the symbols that we will have in mind will be of vegetables and fruits. So in summary, to win in Veggie Onet you have to tap two blocks with the same images to combine and remove them. Once all the images are eliminated, you will win the game.

Veggie Onet seems easy, but it is not, since you have to follow certain guidelines that are present in Mahjong. The stage is divided into โ€œlayersโ€, so you cannot combine tiles from different layers. Or at least tiles that are below others. This makes it a bit challenging, plus we will have a time limit that will put us in a bind if we take too long.

After finishing a level, you can open jack-in-the-box or reward boxes. You will be asked to watch a commercial in order to claim the reward. After viewing it, you will be credited with virtual dollars, puzzle pieces or diamonds. The puzzle pieces will allow you to win up to an iPhone 13. Not satisfied with that, you can find PayPal icons in the games that, if you connect them, you will have cash winnings. These winnings are over $20. So you can boost your earnings in this way. It should be noted that to claim them you must also see a commercial.

In addition to all these opportunities, we will also have the Lucky Spin. A wheel of fortune that we can spin and win more prizes in cash or diamonds.

applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay


We can exchange both cash and diamonds in a “simple” way. Firstly, diamonds have a minimum threshold of 680,000 diamonds. This amount has the value of $100 in different places. You will be able to withdraw gift cards with the diamonds, among them: Amazon, Google Play, Steam, Xbox, Visa and MasterCard. A viable option if what you want is to make purchases.

Now, the cash can be withdrawn through PayPal. Their minimum withdrawal threshold is $500, an amount that honestly makes me very doubtful. This is because most of the company’s scam apps and in general, offer this type of rewards.

applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay

Veggie Onet Conclusion

As I suspected, Veggie Onet doesn’t pay, it’s just another WoW scam app! Game LLC. I was not disappointed at all, as I did not expect more from this developer. It has resounding successes like Tiktube that never gave its users a single dollar. If this happened with the most popular application, imagine with some other less popular one. Without a doubt, this is a PUA developer. If you have managed to install an application belonging to them, it is best to uninstall it. Since their applications are total garbage.

Note: As of this writing, WoW! Game LLC. I delete all your apps. I do not know the reason, but I suspect it was due to the various complaints it has received over time. So, luckily no one else can fall for their scam apps.

If you had any experience with the application, do not hesitate to tell me about it. If you know of another app you’d like a review of, don’t forget to recommend it to us. As soon as possible, we will give you a review.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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