Vibe Tik Review: is it scam?

Vibe Tik is an app that is promoted on the internet as a platform that pays users to watch videos. The reality is very different from the advertising, as it is all a scam. Vibe Tik is taking advantage of the huge success of YouTube and TikTok to make money.
Read the following review about Vibe Tik below and find out how they are cheating people.

Vibe Tik: is it legit?

Vibe Tik is not a legitimate app because it is publicized through misleading advertising and does not pay anything it claims. The app remains in early access because the developers do not want users to reveal that the platform does not pay for anything it promises.

What is Vip Tik?

Vibe Tik is presented as an app that showcases the wonderful world of short videos. The platform shows incredible videos, beautiful landscapes around the world and a variety of exotic styles that can be enjoyed at any time. The truth is that although the videos are attractive, the important thing is to know if they pay. Vibe Tik is a scam and does not pay to watch videos. The app was created by Rainbow Dream, a developer company famous for creating junk apps and exposing them as apps that do make money. Vibe Tik is aimed at teenagers aged 13 and older. The app contains some images of blood and violence. The platform offers videos of different types such as landscapes, sports, beauty, among many other styles. The app also offers games in case you want to entertain yourself in your free time.
To download Vibe Tik just go to Play Store and search for it by its particular name, you will find it right away. The platform does not require registration or username. This is a negative aspect of the platform, as your activity within the app will not be saved anywhere. If you do not find the app, it is because it is not compatible with your cell phone.

How to play?

VibeTik is a poorly made imitation of Youtube Shorts. The app has a bar at the bottom of the screen from where you can access other tabs and navigate freely. You will also have a tab where there are mini games, all integrated and paying rewards.

Here you have two options: if you choose the videos you just have to navigate through them, as you would do with the Youtube shorts and wait for a circle that is on the left side of your screen to be completed and then you can claim your reward. On the other hand you will have the games, you must choose one that you like and play as much as you can. The app will constantly show you advertisements, which you must see to collect your money.

The reward is delivered every few seconds at random, while in the games it will happen every time you finish playing and you will also have to see ads.


VibeTik has a minimum withdrawal of $500 and pays through PayPal, Amazon, CashApp, Stream and Google Play. Once you reach the minimum amount to cash out you must fill in your personal information and wait for your payment to be approved. The approval never comes because the app is a scam.

Conclusion of Vibe Tik

Vibe Tik does not pay, as it is a junk app created for developers to make money through users’ time. The app forces users to watch videos to earn money but the platform never pays. You should not download Vibe Tik to your cell phone, as it is a waste of time and takes up space on your cell phone. The best thing to do is to stay away from this app, as it will take up space and battery life on your device.

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Vibe Tik does not pay.


  1. Zostałem oszukany i okradziony z pieniędzy na zaakceptowanie wypłaty i z czasu poświęconego na oglądanie reklam.
    Nie polecam, platforma nie płaci i naciąga ludzi na pieniądze.

  2. Beware I paid this app .69 cent to bypass the video watching wait time to be paid my 500 dollars an when I paid it triples how many adds I needed to watch for my payment to be approved an asked did I want to pay another 99cent to cut the 40 I half to 20 adds to watch before my payment could be approved honestly google play should be ashamed of its self for letting apps like this deceive people makes me want to never use Google play again an stick to galaxy store

  3. Yes I agree I did not pay the money to bypass adverts. I choose to waste my time watching them to be hit with a 4.00 processing fee to have my payment verified still no money has been paid total scam stay away from this app.

  4. Yes, it scam. Don’t wasted the time. At the end it want me pay USD 5.98 to unlock it … But I won’t … Silly and idiot

  5. Buna ziua. Plătește aceasta aplicație vibe tik? Sau nu plătește? Că eu am platit 22 Ron și azi ar trebui sa îmi bage banii in pat pal

  6. Diese App ist lügerei bitte nicht installieren ich habe 5 € bezahlt und ich habe nichts bekommen ich will mein Geld zurück bekommen bitte weil nicht alle diese App rein

  7. J ai bien l impression que c’est une grosse arnaque et Google la cautionné perte de temps c est degaulace de volé ainsi les gens ne payer rien !

  8. Why do some people still want to use this app if it is declared by masses that it is a SCAM?! One single scam post should already be enough to ring all alarms. I don’t know what is worse – treacherous developers offering this scam-art, or naive idiots who still think they are going to be paid from it??

  9. Thank you! I had a timer come up when reached the threshold and I was willing to wait, but I would have not been happy if I was told to watch ads to activate my order at the end. After reading this article, I uninstalled the app right away. There are many ways to make money and this is not one of them. Unfortunately!

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