VisionShow – Legit App To Make Money Watching Videos?

VisionShow – Does it really pay?

This time I will tell you about VisionShow, an application to earn money by watching videos that I have come across several times in the last month and that has a very interesting promise. Sadly, after reviewing so many apps, I don’t trust that easily, but hey, let’s see what we find.

Remember that for this article I will base it solely on my opinion, the blog has nothing to do with any study or application and we only bring reviews of applications that we know or have tried. We are not looking to promote any project that does not work since we are users, we know how annoying it is to find so many junk applications and how much they can waste time. If an application is legitimate I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, I will warn you so you don’t waste your time.

Furthermore, the result does not matter on this occasion, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that bring together applications that are paying. The lists mostly have games, but you can still find one or another application to earn money by watching videos, although this is not the most common and on the contrary, survey apps will be the ones that are most present after the games. But hey, let’s see if VisionShow pays or it’s just another lie.

What is VisionShow?

Well, to begin with, VisionShow is presented as an application to earn money by watching videos in each of its ads, which is why I initially believed that this was the case, but upon entering I noticed that in fact it is a gaming application that is quite chaotic. and it has ads everywhere. Applications like this remind me of Fish Catcher, although on that occasion beyond the options it brought, it also had the game it promised, contrary to this one in which there don’t seem to be videos anywhere. It only has ads.

The application was created by Skyrim Flash in case you were wondering and although at first this name didn’t sound familiar to me, checking its profile I saw that it created UpJoy, an app that I reviewed a while ago and which was a total disappointment. Apparently this company is used to creating projects and then advertising them as a good option for users to get money, but this is not the case and at the end of the day it is just a blatant lie on the part of its creator.

Personally, the app did not generate trust in me from the beginning because of the way it was presented, it promised quite big things and for practically no effort, something that simply cannot be real. If you ask me for an opinion, yes, there are applications to earn money by watching videos, but they don’t give you even half the money that this one offers and that is because such a high payment is unsustainable.


Installation and registration in VisionShow:

You can find the application easily or access it from some of the ads in case you have a hard time finding it. If it does not give you the option to install it may be due to some compatibility problems with your cell phone, for this there is no solution and it is best that you look for other options instead of insisting here.

It is not necessary to register to enter and in fact it is not possible to find a box to do this, so do not worry about this point.

How does it work?

When you enter VisionShow you will be in for a big surprise because far from videos appearing or seeing an interface similar to Youtube Shorts, what you will see are games and several boxes floating around waiting for you to click on one and have to watch an ad. In fact, it could be said that the only videos you will see here correspond to commercials for other junk apps, there are no other options. You will also have some boxes and a menu to more easily move around the entire application or access different settings.

The app has quite a few games, some of them are integrated and others you simply have to install from the Play Store, but if you don’t have much space and don’t want to waste your time, I don’t recommend you do it. You can easily browse through all the available games and try the one that catches your attention the most. Each one will have its own description and rules, so make sure you check very carefully before taking on any of these tasks. All games give you rewards, it’s just that the goals vary.

Your reward is automatically added to your account as soon as you achieve a successful score or win. As you can see, you will have the option of watching ads to multiply these earnings, but I do not recommend doing so because it is extremely annoying and in the long run it is of no use.

Application to earn money by watching videos - VisionShow


You can request your payment through PayPal, Amazon, CashApp, Google Play and Steam . The minimum withdrawal is the same in all options and it is $500 dollars , which is quite difficult to reach and for which you have to see many advertisements. You can also request payments for higher amounts, with the limit being $3,000 dollars , although if the minimum threshold is difficult to achieve, imagine the rest.

When you reach this minimum payment they will let you enter your information, but not before forcing you to see more ads and meet other requirements. Simply put, this is nothing more than a lie that your payment will never arrive .

Application to earn money by watching videos

Does VisionShow pay?

The truth is that VisionShow does not pay , it is just an excuse for them to see ads and that way the creator can generate income, but you will never receive anything. The game is designed for only one person to make a profit and it is about the creator, not the users. It is best that you delete this application and leave that space free for an option that really works and can help you generate income from your cell phone.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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