WalkMate – An App To Earn Money Walking? [Review]

WalkMate – Legit App?

This time I will tell you about  WalkMate , an  application to earn money by walking  that is presented as an  app that does pay. The app is just about walking and it is supposed that you will earn money for it, but we will see how real this is.

If you want to know if it really is an  app that you pay for  or just another  junk app  , don’t hesitate to read until the end, there you will find all the information and the answer to this question. I will not lie to you with the result, since this blog has nothing to do with any study or app and we are only users like you. We are looking for some  apps to earn by walking  that can help us and we know how frustrating the search can be. We do not promote anyone and if it is an  app that does pay  , I will tell you, so you can use it with confidence.

Besides, at the end of the article you will be able to find the names of some lists that gather  apps that do pay , check them out. It promises you that there you will find several options and some of them will be  applications to earn money while walking , although most will deal with games and micro tasks. All will have their respective article and are safe to use, since they are verified.

What is WalkMate?

WalkMate is an  app to earn money by walking  that is similar to all those that are presented in this way. They even have the same order and the same appearance, but I suppose this is something that can be passed, since after all the niche does not give for more. Anyway, the fact is that it is a very simple app and unfortunately, full of ads that will appear randomly and cannot be closed.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by  WalkMate5  and to be honest, this is a study I’ve never heard of. In fact, reviewing its profile, I noticed that it is a company that has not published any other project so far and from which it is impossible to obtain information. It even seems that it was hidden on purpose, but hey. Everything we have comes from their ads and of course in each of these they seek to make you believe that it is an  app that does pay , something that is not so true.

Honestly, from the first time I saw WalkMate I realized that it is not an  application to earn money by walking , since many details give it away, but I chose to review it to better understand how they deceive users. At the moment, all I can tell you is that you do not trust yourself when you see a supposed  app that does pay  because it will be a lie.


Installation and registration in WalkMate:

The application is easy to find, since it has a very particular name. I still recommend you check the name of the study, with this you will be sure to install the correct one. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems, something for which there is no solution.

Luckily for the entrance it will not be necessary any type of registration. Nor will it ask you for the typical data of these apps such as your weight, etc., so you can rest easy.


How does it work?

Once you enter WalkMate  you will find the main board, in which you will have a large number in which your steps are counted and of course, below you will have the number of calories you lose and the kilometers you walk. You will also have a menu at the bottom of the screen and from there you will be able to access your account and some goals that you can meet to  earn more coins .

Depending on which cell phone you use, it will give you the option to  earn coins  or not, if the latter happens then you will only see a simple app to monitor your steps and nothing else. Now, yes or if you must accept the permissions that are requested if you want to earn something. These permissions are for accessing your physical activity and you may not be comfortable with them because we don’t know how trustworthy the app is, so if that’s the case, I recommend looking for another option. If you choose to give the permissions, it will automatically start counting your steps and delivering your reward.

The  reward  is delivered as soon as you meet your daily net and this is done automatically to your account. You will also have the option to perform a “Daily-Checking” to get some  extra coins .

Application to earn money walking - app that does pay


You’re supposed to be able  to request your payment  through  PayPal , although once you’re inside the app they don’t give you this option. In fact it is only possible to see how the profits accumulate  , but at no time can you monitor what is happening or see the  minimum withdrawal . In the same way, this application is a  junk app  and  you will be waiting for your payment forever .

Application to earn money walking - app that does pay

Does WalkMate pay?

WalkMate is an app that does not pay , it is just another app created to attract users easily and that the creator can earn money from it. This is the reason why it contains so many ads and for this reason it always shows you randomly and does not allow you to close it. The app is only for the interest of the creator, but the users will never receive anything. Personally, I recommend that you better delete the app and leave that space for an application to earn money walking that really works, since in our lists of apps that do pay there are one or two of these options.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


  1. I don’t know what to do,because it does not work properly well, and some times ,the app tell me that ,the internet not works, but I have internet always,
    And I am very sorry,te delete this,
    app,walk mate, because I want to help all the people to earn money and to live well! So I wrote before two days with e mail ,the owner and told him that for my phone ,the app, sometimes closed unexpectedly, and they must to invest,to pay to work hard,etc, to fix it!

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