WalkWard – An App that Actually Pays to Walk? [Review]

WalkWard – Legit app or scam?

This time we will talk about  WalkWard, an  application to earn money by walking  that is presented as an  app that does pay. The app is nothing new and it is just another application that promises us that the only thing we have to do to earn money is walk. Whether it’s real or not, that’s what I’ll be testing.

Remember that if you want to know if it really is an  app that does pay  or just another  junk app  , you should read until the end, you will find all the information there. In addition, at the end of the article you will be able to find the names of some lists that gather several  apps that do pay  and in which you can trust regardless of the result of this. I will not lie to you, most of them will be  applications to earn money by playing , although we have been able to find one or another  application to earn money by walking  and several that pay you to answer surveys and perform micro tasks. 

Do not forget that this blog has nothing to do with any studio or app, we are users just like you and we really want a  legit app to earn money by walking. If it’s an  app that pays I  ‘ll tell you, just as if it’s a  junk app  I’ll tell you so you don’t waste your time. Let’s hope that this time it’s a legitimate app, since there are too many hoaxes on this subject and they almost always end up being successful despite complaints.

What is WalkWard?

WalkWard is an app for making money by walking  that oddly enough looks a lot like an app I tried recently, only it wasn’t about walking and it wasn’t created by the same studio either. Although yes, its interface, second options and everything related to its graphics were identical. Anyway, I can only point out that at least it’s so full of ads, and by this I don’t mean that it doesn’t have it, but at least they won’t be attacking you every second.

Anyway, the app was created by the  Fitness Dev Team  and if you are a long time reader of the blog you might remember it. This is a study that so far has published another 8 apps, only that these are far from being an  application to earn money walking  and are rather  applications to earn money by playing . I have tried several of them and if something is safe to say, it is that they are nothing more than  junk apps  trying to pass off as an  app that does pay  and for this they will do what is necessary until you believe the lie.

It can be said that each Fitness Dev Team app   has a large number of ads on each platform, all of which are full of lies. Each one will have a narrative very similar to the other and of course the objective is always for you to believe that it is an  app that does pay .


Installation and registration in WalkWard:

The application is easy to find, since it has a very particular name. I still recommend you check the name of the study, with this you will be sure to install the correct one. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems, something for which there is no solution.

No type of registration will be necessary to enter, not even provide the data that is already typical in this type of app.


How does it work?

Once you enter  WalkWard  you will find the main board, there you will have a daily goal that you must meet. It’s about the number of steps you should take each day, as well as the miles it equates to, the calories you burn, and the time it takes. You will also have other boxes with other options and a brief description of your account, although nothing can be configured there. Although there aren’t many ads, you still have to be careful because anything can trigger them.

To count your steps you must allow it to access your physical activity, it is in your hands to accept or reject it, although if you reject it later you will not be able to receive any coins for walking. What if, is that you can access a second tab from the bar that appears at the bottom. There you can find some games that are integrated, but of course there will be some options that force you to install some things from the Play Store and I do not recommend these. Try the integrated games if you want to get your  reward  faster, play and win easily, just keep in mind that they will have quite a few ads.

You can do a kind of “Daily-Checking” even, this to get a  greater number of coins . The  reward  is delivered automatically as soon as you meet your daily goal or if you manage to overcome a level and as usual, the announcement will appear that promises to multiply your profit.

Application to earn money walking - app that does pay


You can  request your payment  through  PayPal  only, in fact that’s the way it is in most apps, so I recommend you have an account there. The  minimum withdrawal  is quite high, nothing more and nothing less than  $1,000 dollars  that is almost impossible to achieve and that will not help you at all because they will place you on a waiting list from which you will never be able to leave.

Application to earn money walking - app that does pay

Does WalkWard pay?

WalkWard  is an app that does not pay , it is just another download app created to grab the attention of users in an easy way and that the creator can earn money with this. Think about it, in order to earn some extra income, people end up downloading the app and making a minimum effort, since the main activity is something we do every day. Whether ads come out or not, it’s not a problem, we ignore them and continue. This only serves the creator and the user will be waiting for an eternity. It is best that you delete it and if possible, review our lists of apps that do pay to help you in your search.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


  1. I have been playing walkward since yesterday I haven’t received a Penny,they told me I have not met the conditions to withdraw my cash while my balance can be withdrawn

  2. Je pense que les conditions sont inscrites dans les objectifs de connexion cet à dire minimum 7 jours… j’en suis à mon premier je verrai les jours suivants.

  3. Vind het maar vreemd. Als ik geld wil laten uitbetalen krijg ik dit;
    U have not the sing in conditions and cannot withdraw. Maar uitleg hoe je dan wel die condities kan krijgen staat nergens.

    Nu heb ik ze al paar keer gemailt maar ze reageren gewoon niet.

    Het zal wel weer een fake app zijn. Pure oplichterij

  4. Anche io sono capitato in questa applicazione . Ho banconote sufficienti per il primo cash out di 50 euro ma sono solo a 3 giorni di 7, aspetterò qualche altro giorno. Riguardo alle monete : ho 4995,1792 monete corrispondenti a 49,95 euro ed il cash out minimo è di 50,00 euro. Queste monete mi sembrano una truffa, all’inizio ne venivano ricompensate tipo 3000 o 5000 per video pubblicitario visto poi, man mano che ci si avvicinava all’obiettivo il valore delle ricompense scendeva. Ora mi trovo a guadagnare su un video pubblicitario 0,0001 monete che sono 0,0001 euro ( che stupidaggine).
    Cmq aspetterò i sette giorni

  5. Dont watch the videos for gold coin, you will not get enough to withdraw, I am from sweden and can withdraw 50 sek as the minium, now I have 49.95 sek and now I get 0.0001 for every video I watch LOL, So I think I have to watch 100 000 videos to get the last 0.5 . so its a scam like most of the Apps.

    To win 50$, I have watched video for more than a week. I got to 49.95$ and to withdraw you have to get to more than 50$. The next reward is 0.0001 this means that you have to approximately 50000 video for 0.05 dollars and perform your withdrawal. It is a pure scam because it is impossible to win even 50$ dollars. Tror ikke at en får en øre for å se på deres video. REN SVINDEL.
    I have also won $50 on another game and sent for payment but it says that my current queue position is 2338. Even after 24 hours my current queue position is still 2338. I think I’ll never see the money. I delete the app right away.
    It is a scandal that actors such as paypal, amazon, visa mastercard, googleplay have their logo and in a way promote a non-serious app.

  7. J’ai atteint l’objectif de €50, j’ai rempli la condition “cliquer 20 fois sur les billets qui apparaissent sur la homepage”, et j’en suis à “arrivée 7 jours: 3 / 7, il faut que j’attends 4 jours supplémentaires (note: pour qu’un jour soit comptabilisé, il faut cliquer sur “s’identifier”, chaque jour (donc regarder une vidéo supp. rouh ! rouh !).
    (note: pour ceux qui se tapent sont à 49,95 euro, faut pas regarder les vidéos, mais cliquer sur “plus de jeu” > “cartes à gratter”, quand les gains reçus diminuent trop en valeur, il faut passer sur l’autre jeu “roue de la chanceuse”, pareil, faut ensuite cliquer sur les billets qui apparaissent dans l’onglet “jeu” qui rapporteront beaucoup plus que les billets de la homepage)

    J’attends d’avoir atteint les 7 jours… dommage que personne n’ai mis de commentaires sur l’après ces 7 jours..

    Concernant la tombola, je suis censé avoir gagné 5 lots, dont une switch, un iphone 14, des chaussures, des lunettes et un colier.. qui sont censés arrivés d’ici qqls jours.. ça sent le bon gros pigeonnage lol

  8. This seems to be a fake app.
    If you really want to make money walking (in Cryptocurrency), I highly recommend SmartSteps.
    It pays you for every step you make. Please kindly contact me, if you want more info.

  9. Forget it….. Ich gehe jeden Tag mindestens 12000 Schritte….. Diese App zählt nur 1 x….. Lohnt sich wirklich nicht….. Reine zeitverschwendung.

  10. This app is real or fake i don’t understand
    i dawnlode this app and i have 1000 account balance. but i cannot withdrew my mony

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