WatchWorld – An App To Earn Money Watching Videos? [Review]

WatchWorld – Does it pay you or is it scam?

You may have already seen WatchWorld , an app to earn money watching videos that is constantly promoted and that always shows rewards that are more than tempting for anyone. The app doesn’t have a publication date, so I can’t tell if it’s new, but I still tried it for a while.

Before continuing, I just want to remind you that in this blog we are dedicated to reviewing applications independently, we have nothing to do with any studio or app. I will not recommend something that does not work and you will always have comments at your disposal so that you can tell how your experience was. We are users and we know how frustrating it can be to find so many junk apps, especially when you are looking for an app to earn money by watching videos, so we want to help you.

Below you will have the names of some lists that gather apps that do pay, regardless of the result of trying this app. Each application there has an article in which there is more information and you can also leave us any questions in the comments. Review them and find your favourite, although at the moment there are few apps to earn money watching videos .

What is WatchWorld?

Well, WatchWorld does not look any different from any other supposed app to earn money by watching videos. Although it strikes me how well organized it is and how clean its interface looks compared to others, like this example you have here . In the same way, that is the only thing that stands out because in the rest it is quite similar and as you can imagine, advertising also appears at the least expected moment.

The app was created by Mathieu Bergougnoux and in case you were wondering, he has released two other apps so far that are also advertised as money making apps, although they are different. Two of his three projects are games, but these also promise to pay, although their promise is not very true. The truth is that there is not much history of the study regarding video apps, so all that remains is to review it and draw conclusions.

When you see such an app and it promises to give you hundreds of dollars, remember that it may be a lie. There is no application that supports a high payment, by far they will reach $50 dollars per month and this if you try hard enough.


Installation and registration in WatchWorld :

The app is easy to find, even if it doesn’t seem like it, for this you must search for its name correctly in the Play Store search engine. If it does not appear, it may be due to some compatibility problems, something for which there is no solution.

Luckily, no registration is required to enter. In fact, there is not even a box for it.


How does it work?

Once you enter WatchWorld you will have two options, in one of them you will have a mysterious box and in the other a menu from which you can access the videos. The mysterious box brings some tokens that you must collect and that can form from a lipstick, to a cell phone or computer and it is assumed that once you complete it, this will be your reward.

Now, if what you want is to see the videos, you can go to the second window and click on the top of the menu. Where it says “Great Video”, there you will have a platform very similar to YouTube and in which you can find videos that you like or search for your favorite youtubers. The platform “pays” you for every 5 minutes of video you watch, something that seems like an exaggeration to me and even more so when we see the reward in coins that it gives us and which for me is low.

The reward can be claimed in the menu found in the second window, there you will have different tasks that you must complete and for which you can claim a number of coins .

App to earn money watching videos


You are supposed to request your payment via PayPal , although it never gave me the option of this and all I could do was collect coins. The minimum withdrawal is not clear to me either, since I could not enter the rewards window and could only see how they accumulated. If you have this information, I would appreciate it if you share it with us to complete the article.

App to earn money watching videos

Does WatchWorld pay?

WatchWorld definitely doesn’t pay and that’s a sure thing, so don’t waste your time with it. Its interface may be very similar to YouTube and it may be quite comfortable, but for that you already have YouTube and the ads that are there. You don’t need someone else to come bother you. Delete the app, free up that space and check our lists to find an app to earn money watching videos . I promise you there are some.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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