Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle, Easy $50? [Review]

Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle, Do you really win money?

I came across an app called Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle that claims to be a pay-to-play app. It’s not the first word-forming app I’ve reviewed, and let me tell you, the others didn’t fare so well. But judging ahead of time isn’t my thing, so I decided to give the app a try. According to the developers, in this application you can earn money while having fun, you will earn virtual coins that you can convert to cash or gift cards.

I don’t know if this is true and for that reason I will put it to the test. Regardless of whether you pay or not, in the end I will leave you some lists with applications that do pay and that you should try. In case it pays and it does not suit what you are looking for, you can find one on this list that suits your needs.

This article is made based on my experience and that of other users. If at any time you doubt what I write, I invite you to try the application for yourself. If you get to try it, tell me how it went. In this blog I am as honest as I can and I check everything I write since my goal is to inform.

What is Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle?

Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle is a money earning app released by Dream Word Games on March 30, 2020. This means that it has been on the PlayStore for almost 2 years. Not according to this, it is one of the applications with the most downloads among those of this style. With more than 1 million downloads, Crazy! I can’t believe that such an application has such a large number of downloads.

The developer has 8 applications, all dealing with the same thing. Connect letters, form words and earn money, that’s your formula for success.

Although it is not as successful in terms of ratings, since among the most recent you will find many negative reviews. A pity, really, since this affects the veracity of the other applications.

This application is clearly inspired by the successful extension Word Connect. From what I can see, even the name was copied. The original app was released by ZenLife Games Ltd, a very reputable developer. Even though the original game is not about earning money, it was very popular. Sweeping the PlayStore with more than 50 million downloads.

Installation and registration in Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle:

You must search for the application as “ Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle ”, it will appear among the first results. You must make sure that it is the app published by Dream Word Games. I say this from my own experience, since, when looking for the application, I accidentally entered the one developed by ZenLife Games Ltd.

The application does not have any registration. A clear sign that you can lose your progress with just one mistake. This sometimes also results in complete disinterest from the developer. Since, without registration, you cannot have full control of the users or the prizes.

How does it work?

The game is quite simple, on our screen empty spaces will be shown where letters will go. There we can put the letters that are located at the bottom of the screen. Our goal is to form as many words as possible and beat the levels. Every time we pass a level they will give us a good amount of money that we can then withdraw.

At first they will be words with very few letters, so it will be very easy for us to overcome them. But as we go further the words become much more complex. For this we also have some advantages called help, but of course, we must pay in coins for it. Each help has a cost of 60 coins per letter. Don’t worry when buying the aid, as the coins have no real value.

If what you want to know is the cash balance, you can go to the balance section. To enter this section we must touch the dollar icon on the right side of the screen.


In order to collect, you must reach the minimum withdrawal and request it in the withdrawal area. You can collect via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal which is $50, you can withdraw it from the balance tab. Then you must hit the withdrawal button.

One drawback I have to this is the minimum withdrawal amount, as it seems like something impossible to achieve. It should be noted that there is no guarantee that you will be paid.

Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle Conclusion

Word Connect – Lucky Puzzle is a somewhat entertaining game, but with many negative points as an app to earn money. First of all, it is full of ads, oftentimes intrusive ads that don’t let you enjoy the experience. Second, the minimum payment is almost impossible to reach. The more level you advance, it is true that you will earn money. But every level you advance you will earn less. Many users have complained that reaching $49 reduces the amount you win significantly. So much so, that you get to the point of earning $0.02 every 30 levels. I don’t think it’s a really worthwhile app.

If you have had any experience with this application, do not forget to leave it to us in the comments. If you have any other apps you want us to review, feel free to tell us. We will review it as soon as possible.

Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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