YouGov – Does It Really Pay Or Is It A Scam?

YouGov, How much can you earn?

Developed by YouGov PLC, a studio without any other application that presents YouGov, a paid survey application in Android format.

Published on February 4, 2021 , it has achieved some popularity among users to the point of having more than 1 million downloads and more than 47,000 comments that give it a total of 4.2 stars . A good rating and above all, with comments that seem to be genuine.

Apparently it is a reliable application that is linked to its website of the same name. This has been online since 2000 , only it was only available for the United Kingdom until 2006. Its headquarters are in London.

What is YouGov?

It presents itself as a leading marketing research company, which is why they need your opinion and are willing to pay you in exchange for you giving them this valuable information.

It has more than 5 million users between its application and official website, making YouGov one of the companies with the largest data bank in the world. But this is not all, it is also listed on the London Stock Exchange in case you had any doubts about what the company behind this application represents.

The way to use it is simple, you will be paid for your opinion . It doesn’t matter what you say, whether others like it or not. The important thing for them here is to analyze the market. You can earn mermaid money completely free and believe me it will be a good income.

Download YouGov

Installation and registration in YouGov:

Search for it by name in the Play Store and select the first option that appears. After that, click install and wait for the download to finish. YouGov is only 18 MB.

Before registering you must select the language and accept terms and conditions in order to begin answering a survey that creates your profile. In the middle of this it will ask for your email and send a verification code .

YouGov app

How does it work?

It works like any other paid survey application that I have shown you on this blog, meaning that its use will not be anything complicated or out of this world. To start earning money the first thing is to finish our profile.

When you create your account, you are given the option to answer these surveys and once they finish they give you 2,000 points . Once done, you just have to wait for them to find surveys that we can fill out. Keep in mind that YouGov will keep you up to date via email whenever a survey is available , so don’t forget to check it.

It works with the redeemable points system , I tell you so that you don’t get surprised when you don’t see digits of money in your account. Each survey will have a different value and will require different time to be carried out.

Every time you finish a survey you will immediately see that the points will be added to your balance so you never lose track of what you have.

Download YouGov


The minimum withdrawal is only $2 dollars and these are sent through PayPal. For this method, the waiting time that we must have to receive our payment is not specified.

The other way is through a bank transfer that allows you to withdraw from $7 dollars and this takes between 1 to 3 business days.

YouGov is currently paying and it doesn’t look like it will stop for a long time. This company already has enormous credibility to throw it overboard by disrespecting its users.

YouGov app

¿Does YouGov pay?

It is one of the most serious applications that you can find on the entire internet , its payments are fulfilled and there is no user who has had a bad result to date. Its payments were good , I won’t tell you that you will become rich , but the truth is that it manages to become a good source of extra income .

If you want to install it, below you will find the link that will take you directly to try it. If you want to know more applications that, like YouGov, pay, then I invite you to read other entries on this blog.

Here you will always find applications that do pay, some very similar to these and others that rather have a whole set of ways to earn money. Whatever the way, we will always keep you alert and notify you if at any time it stops paying so you don’t waste your time .

You will also find reviews of applications that are just a scam , so you can stay well away from them from the beginning.



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