2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game, Real or Scam? (Review)

Advertisements for apps to win 1000$ playing are the bread and butter, 2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game was presented as one of them. If you are a reader of the blog, you will already know that we have reviewed many junk apps with 2048 added to their names. So the distrust came to me just by reading it, “2048”, “Merge”, it all looked very bad. But as always, talking ahead of time will not give us the results, but testing the application and seeing its potential personally.

Therefore, I will test if 2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game is an app that does pay or just one more junk in the pile. In case it is a junk app, I recommend you to read the lists we have prepared for you. In them you will have apps to earn money playing, apps to earn free cryptocurrencies and much more.

This article is written based on my experience and that of other users with the application. I also did my research so I didn’t miss any details. If you want to verify if what I say is true, you are free to download it and try it on your own. At the end of the article I will leave you the download link.

What is 2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game?

2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game is an application released by Hu Qi set, Inc on October 27, 2020. The developer only has this app, which has had a small success counting over 100 thousand downloads. It has a 4.3 star rating, based on over 5 thousand reviews. But just because it has this rating does not necessarily mean that it is a real money making app.

I say the latter because there are many studios that buy fake reviews, just to position themselves better in the market. It also works for them to get more people to download the app, it is a kind of false advertising.

According to my research, it has been almost two years since they reached 100,000 downloads, which makes me wonder why it did not continue to grow? The answer to that question came to me after I started testing the application. I certainly understood what was going on with this so-called money making application.

Installing and registering 2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game:

You can search for it in the Google PlayStore by its name, it will appear in the first results. After you find it you must click on install, it will download quickly as it only weighs 39.4mb and will install automatically.

The game does not require any registration, so you don’t have to worry about filling out any form with your data. This also means that all the data and rewards you get will be deleted with the application. This is something to keep in mind when an app has no registration.

2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game

How does 2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game works?

We have already reviewed many Merge and 2048 games in this blog, this application is not so different. It combines the two game modes into one, we have to combine colored balls with some denomination (2, 4,) and form new ones. We do this by launching balls from the top of the screen. Our goal is to reach the balls with the highest denomination in order to win many more rewards.

At the beginning of each game you will find colored balls with denomination at the bottom of the screen. What we must do is to throw the balls that correspond to the number and color of the balls below. Once two balls make contact, they will combine and form a new ball (e.g. two 4 balls will form an 8 ball). The higher the denomination of the ball, the more rewards we win.

The game will also give us bonus Spins where we can win extra money. Although it is not so much extra, since you can win more than 10$ in a single spin. This, as always, takes away a little credibility to the application.

2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game

Payments in 2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game:

Payouts will be made through different payment methods that vary depending on the country where you reside. Most will have the options to withdraw through PayPal and Amazon.

The minimum threshold as you might be imagining is over $1000, a figure that is incredible. But not in the amazing way, but in the bad way, since it is not viable for developers to pay such exaggerated figures.

2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game

Conclusion of 2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game

As you may already be thinking, 2048 Merge Balls – Casual Game is a non-paying application. If you downloaded it with the illusion of being able to win those thousands of dollars they offer you, you will be disappointed, as they are just false promises. As I said before, the developers cannot afford to pay those figures. This is mainly because the income from the application is not enough to pay each and every user. Undoubtedly the best job they have done with this application is the marketing, because attracting thousands of people to download this garbage is their only achievement.

If you want to make money with applications I invite you to read our lists of apps that do pay. To find them you just have to go to the search engine (top right corner of the page) and search for the following terms: “Apps to earn money online 2023”, “Apps to earn free cryptocurrencies”, “Five apps that help you earn extra money”, “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” and “Best apps to earn extra money 2023”. We have collected many apps that can give you good earnings there. You will find apps to earn money playing games, apps to earn free cryptocurrencies and much more.

We must be well informed about the things we download, many apps pretend to be apps that do pay. Find out about the new apps that do pay and those that don’t by reading our blog daily. If you have any opinion of the application do not hesitate to leave it and if you want to recommend another, you are free to do so. We will review it as far as possible.




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