Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit Do You Pay Up To $20 To Play?

Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit, Scam or Pay?

This time we will talk about  Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit , an  app to earn cryptocurrency by playing games  that is promoted as an  app that does pay . The game looks pretty plain and it certainly is, as it’s also kind of boring and plain. But hey, the important thing is that it really is an  app that does pay  and doesn’t end up as another hoax.

Stay until the end to find out everything, how it works and what to expect. If this is an  app that does pay,  we will not hesitate to tell you so that you can get a  good extra income , the same will happen if it is a  scam application . You can rest assured, we don’t promote applications or studies here, so all the information you can find is honest and you can check it yourself.

Well, now yes, let’s check out this alleged  cryptocurrency gambling earning app  that seems to be so popular among cryptocurrency lovers. This application was published in April 2019, I’ll tell you why the publication date is important in this type of apps. It was last updated this year and has more than 1 million users.

What is Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit?

I don’t really know how to describe this game to you in other words because it really is one of the ones I’ve seen the most and talked about the most. I know the creator either didn’t want to try too hard or he’s just not as smart a person as you’d think because he ended up copying everyone’s game. Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit is nothing more than a game where you have to keep pressing your screen to do one of the most boring and stupid things you will come across; match tiles and create groups.

Without a doubt, as a method to entertain someone, it is quite weak, the only thing that saves it and by which its marketing move is now understood, is the promise of an  “application to earn cryptocurrencies by playing” , why would nobody install this even by mistake? .

Besides, there are two things that I must tell you: the first is that it was created by Mustafa Demier , a company that has published several game apps, although it is not clear if they are  applications to earn cryptocurrencies by playing games  or simply for consumption and fun. The other option is that  it has integrated purchases  and to tell the truth, this is not a good sign, since many times it is nothing more than a clear sign that it is a  scam application

Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit

Bitcoin Soccer Installation and Registration | Earn Real Bit:

The app is easy to find, if this is not the case for you, then it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, something for which there is no solution. If you want, you can go to the link that is at the bottom, this will take you directly to the Play Store.

Registration will not be required to get started, although you can do so using a Google account or email and password. The most important thing after all is the virtual wallet that is linked, but you can do the registration to have a more secure account.

Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit

How does it work?

Well, how Bitcoin Soccer works | Earn Real Bit is quite curious and is more like some soccer games that try to emulate everything that is one of those apps in which people seek to achieve a career as a manager or owner of a club. I think it’s quite similar to those like Dream Soccer , but of course it’s a much more basic version and it even has bugs.

Once you enter you are given the opportunity to start with a template made or build a team from scratch, but this is your decision. As you progress you will have the possibility to buy better players and improve other scenarios. Besides, you can also skip a large part of the process with some coins. The problem is that these coins are obtained through purchases with real money, something that I do not recommend.

This game is only designed for you to deposit money and spend it on whatever you want within the app, but this will never be rewarded to you outside of the app. In fact, it seemed curious to me that although some coins are received , they do not seem to be worth anything.


It is assumed that you can request your payment through cryptocurrencies or that is what its name tells us, although this is far from being true. As much as I played and waited for a while, I couldn’t see any withdrawal box or something that will mark us as withdrawing our reward. The only thing I could see was a box that is used to buy coins with real money, a sign of the clear scam it is.

Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit Conclusion :

Unfortunately here is another junk app that is useless, so it is better to stay away from it. If the game catches your attention, I recommend that you look for it in another app because it is useless for anything other than wasting time and space on your cell phone. I do not recommend that you install it, although if you want to check it yourself feel free to do so. Bitcoin Soccer | Earn Real Bit is an app that does not pay , so now that you know the truth, you will know what to do with it.

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