ASMR Ball Slider, How much does it pay you per day? (Review)

Today I will tell you about a very curious application, ASMR Ball Slider, and a little different from the ones we have talked about in this blog, which aims to tell you which applications pay, which do not, and in which it is better not to invest your time, and vice versa.

I have to say that this application gave me a very good feeling from the beginning, its last update was on February 8, 2023, it has ads and early access. It is part of the family and Paylak Studio.

It is a fairly simple game and has no science, you just have to install the application open the application and start playing, the dynamics of the game is a ball that will be going around a track that has a circular shape, and each time this a complete turn, you will be collecting $ 1.

What is ASMR Ball Slider?

First of all, the game gives you 1 dollar, but the real question is, will we ever have our reward money in our hands? Or is it just put there to make it look attractive and waste our time?

No app will pay you large amounts of money, for doing next to nothing. This should be a starting point in which we start to think: Am I wasting my time in this application? Which is very necessary, since many times our common sense tells us what we already know.

As I already mentioned, it is an application that has ads, which is very annoying for the user, and necessary for the developer, inside the app, there is no section where it tells you that you can withdraw your money, or something similar, however, it was quite evident that we were facing another junk application, I just had to confirm it, using this application, in short, I will continue explaining more important point that you should know.

Installation and registration in ASMR Ball Slider:

As in most applications with this logistics, you do not need to have a large amount of time to dedicate to this step, which is the registration within the application, you just have to start playing, I explain the steps to do so, however, I do not recommend using the application, since it is not real payment they promise to give you, and it is only waste of time.

There is not much to explain in this step, since it does not have many things different from other apps we have reviews within our blog, and usually there is not much lost with this, since only, in scam apps, and which should be a point to consider, you play and they do not ask you for data or PayPal account, which indicates the absence of money involved.

Payments in ASMR Ball Slider:

There is no payment, mainly because the app is a scam, and secondly, because there is also no section where they ask you for your data, for the deposit or make a payment request, within any platform where they deposit money, so, once again I tell you, do not use this application, it is a lie and does not.

ASMR Ball Slider Conclusion:

It is sad to know that, out of 10 applications, maybe 1 is real and does what it says, and the other 9 are scams, and want to take advantage of their users, I had the hope that this was not the case, and to include one more application, to the list of APPS THAT DO PAY, but it was not the case, but let’s not get discouraged, I know that on the internet, there is an endless list of creators that develop honest applications, and that do not take advantage of others, to produce money.

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