Garden Tree: Harvest – Does it pay or its Scam? (Review)

Today we will be doing a review about an application that I found on the Internet, Garden Tree: Harvest.

Like many applications on the Internet, this one is not far behind, and promises to make you earn a lot of money in exchange for using the app, but is it real? Are we facing a scam application again? Keep reading, and find out what this blog has for you, because in case you decide to look for another app that does pay, you can find a list on our website, which will summarize everything you are looking for, that is, applications that do pay.

What is Garden Tree: Harvest?

This is an application that you can find on Google Play, has very good reviews within this platform, which may indicate an aspect in favor, and that being so, immediately earns the trust of many users, or potential users. This app contains ads, which in some ways is a point that many do not like, however, it is necessary to create profits to the creator, and preferable that it is that way, to be at the expense of users, lying to them in exchange for using their time on it.

In the first instance, I must say that there is a big error within the app, because when you want to start the game, it does not start and takes too long to load the loading bar that appears at the bottom of the screen, as it made us lose a lot of time, and I must say that it is a big problem within the operation of the application, reading the reviews of the app, I could realize that the reviews in favor of the application, are false, of bots and people or profiles that are dedicated to do such actions.

Installation and registration in Garden Tree: Harvest:

This game is part of a line of application with the same logistics, promise to pay you, and in return you use your application, I have to say that this app, is not the exception within the scams, as we have tested most of the Studio Dam Nhipy Life applications, and all are the same, garbage within the world of apps that promise to pay you.

These apps do not ask for extensive registration, however since the app did not open, I am telling you this through my experience with apps of this type, however the app just kept loading and I was not able to use it at all. Those applications usually do not ask you for an extensive registration, at most they ask you to enter your email, phone number, or in certain cases you can log in through Facebook.


This application is totally scam, as I already mentioned, this app is simply one more application of the studio to which they belong, which is dedicated to making scam applications, taking advantage of those people, who have some need to find an application what if you pay, they take advantage, they promise and in the end they do not pay anything.

Conclusion of Garden Tree: Harvest:

my conclusion about this application, is that do not waste your time there are many ways to make money on the Internet, and this application is not the solution or the right one to invest our time and get money, or payments to expand our income.

Within our blog there are many applications that allow us to earn money without scams without lies and without promises that will not be fulfilled.

From the first moment I saw it and saw the study that belonged, I knew that this application will not pay at all, Garden Tree: Harvest, is an application that does not pay, from this moment I tell you that I recommend that you better look for another source of income, or in the same case, another app that does pay, which you can find on our blog.

If what you want is to know an application that does pay, and that is honest and transparent at the time of remuneration, I invite you to read our blog, because within it you can find a list of applications that do pay, and also articles in which we write which applications are the least reliable, which do not pay, and in which you should not invest your time.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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