Bingo Cash App Review: does it really pay?

Bingo Cash is one of the most popular apps in the gambling genre, with thousands of downloads worldwide and thousands of reviews. Bingo Cash claims that you can win real money by competing in one-on-one tournaments. While it is possible to play free games on Bingo Clash for fun, the app actually encourages depositing money and participating in paid tournaments. If you ever want to win money online with this app, you are basically forced to deposit and risk your own money.
Bingo Cash follows the paid tournament model imposed by famous games like Bubble Cash, Bingo Clash and Solitaire Cube to attract users. Bingo Cash is fake and it doesn’t worth oyur time.

Bingo Cash: is it legit?

Bingo Cash is a legitimate app but it has demonstrated fraudulent behavior, so you should not download it to your cell phone.

What is Bingo Cash?

Bingo Cash is a bingo gaming app available for Android and iOs devices that is part of the Papaya Gaming suite of apps. The app is free to download, although players can deposit their own money to compete in paid tournaments for a chance to win bigger cash prizes.
Bingo Cash is free to download from the App Store or Google Play. No registration is required. When you log in to the platform for the first time, Bingo Cash assigns you a username and avatar that you can change later if you wish. While registration is not mandatory, registering helps to see your progress if you are going to play this app on different devices.

How to play

As a new user of Bingo Cash, there is a short tutorial in the app that explains how to play the slightly different Bingo version of the app and what different types of games there are.
The app shows you how to play free games and encourages you to play a game to practice.
These games are a friendly one-on-one bingo game against other players using Bingo Cash. It’s basically the same as regular bingo, although you can get power-ups to help you speed your way to bingo over your opponent. This is how the company justifies that the app is based on individual talent. It helps the company get around some of the laws against gambling.
Anyway, you will quickly learn that the rewards you get for winning free games are incredibly low. You earn some free gems for winning free games, but you need thousands of gems to participate in paid tournaments, so they are basically worthless .
So, in other words, you can play free games at Bingo Cash for fun, but it won’t be a good hustle unless you wager money. If you want to win money you have to wager money, which is really risky. Bingo Cash will never actually pay you to play, which is fraudulent.

The app advertises that you can win hundreds of dollars in tournaments, and some of the accumulated prizes are certainly large, however, the main problem with these apps like Bingo Cash is that it is impossible to know if you are actually playing against real players with a similar skill level or against computers. This means that it is impossible to know if this platform is rigged or if it performs honestly. Bingo Cash is misleading about how easy it is to win money.

Conclusion of Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is fraudulent from the start, that’s why it’s not worth installing. If you’re hoping to score big at Bingo Cash, you’re likely to be sad. Even risking your own money to pay the entry fees and considering the low odds of winning combined with the cuts taken by the app developer, you might not win anything despite your skill.
Bingo Cash is fake and does not deliver what it promises.



Bingo Cash is not paying.

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