Royal Task Deals Review: does it really pay?

Royal Task Deals is an application to earn money playing, which has a confusing structure and eventually you will discover that you will not generate a penny, which represents a great waste of time. The platform has an incredible variety of games to play, which won’t do you any good because Royal Task Deals doesn’t pay. The big trap of this application is that the game you choose is never loaded and the most shameful thing is that the platform forces you to watch commercials, which promise you that you will be paid for watching it but that will never happen. As you may have already noticed, Royal Task Deals is a scam that you should avoid at all costs.

Royal Task Deals: is it legit?

Royal Task Deals is a legitimate app as it complies with the requirements imposed on it as a platform, but it does not pay its users.

What is Royal Task Deals

Royal Task Deals is an app to play for rewards, which has numerous bugs. The app works poorly in general and forces you to watch too many ads, which will pay you to do so, but that’s a lie. The app is fake and you should not download it.
As you can see the app is called Royal Task App and the content has nothing to do with the name, you can find it on Google Play, but it is not recommended that you use it.
Royal Task Deals gives you a welcome bonus to encourage you to play, the inconsistency is that then you can not download the games. The app does not give you any data for registration, nor does it ask you to link to any payment method.
The minimum withdrawal is highly suspicious, as it is $400. The app offers you a variety of payment methods, which never materialize: Paypal, Coinbase, PicPay, among others.
Another big lie of Royal Task Deals is that they make it difficult for you to get your money. They impose you rewards of very low value and if you reach the minimum payout they force you to perform many tasks. In the end you don’t get paid at all.

The dollars you receive in the application are fictitious, which means you will never get them in your bank account. I played long and hard to meet their requirements and find out the truth. The reality is that Royal Task Deal manifests one lie after another. The platform is so fraudulent that it will even ask for $2 to expedite your payment, something that doesn’t really exist.

Royal Tasks Deals is one of the worst money making apps you can find on the internet, despite being incredibly popular.the developer takes advantage of the human desire for instant wealth. The video ads are extremely annoying and ruin your experience as a player. The developer doesn’t even bother to check the payment FAQ and will never answer any questions, which is another indication of how bogus the platform is.

Conclusion of Royal Task Deals

Royal Task Deals is a fake app that says it will pay you to play games, when in fact it should pay you to watch ads. It doesn’t actually pay you for either activity, as Royal Task Deals is a non-paying app. The app is available on Google Play, but no one should download it because it doesn’t deliver what it promises. The platform asks for ridiculous requirements to collect your earnings and even if you meet them you will never get access to your money. The smartest thing to do is to ignore Royal Task Deal because it is a complete scam and you will waste your time if you download it to your cell phone.



Royal Task Deals is not paying.

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