Crop Crush review: does it really pay?

Crop Crush is an Android elimination game in which users tap groups of 2 or more identical balls to eliminate them. Each level has a unique goal that you need to evolve and collect cash rewards. Like the vast majority of money-making apps, you’ll be forced to watch videos to earn even more. Of course, that’s a clever strategy of the developer to lure users to play non-stop and watch lots of commercials. Crop Crush makes players believe that they will get easy money by playing and watching videos. It uses an attractive cash-out method, which leads participants to believe that they are going to get all the money they won.

Cop Crush: is it legit?

Cop Crush is legit but does not pay anything. This app is fake and you have to avoid it.

What is Cop Crush?

Crop Crush is an application available on Google Play for the Android mobile operating system.
The platform features a reward application. To increase the ease and convenience after installation, it does not require you to fill out any registration forms, nor is it necessary for you to provide personal information such as phone number, address or occupation.
Therefore, Crop Crush allows you to play immediately with ease without having to expose your privacy. Before you can start playing and winning, you will receive a welcome bonus.
Crop Crush gives you a random virtual amount of money as a token of appreciation.

How to play

The game mechanics are as follows: Cop Crush starts with the random placement of spheres, for which you have 25 attempts to move. When all attempts are finished, you will move to the next level regardless of the amount you have earned. Crop Crush is quite easy to play, which attract thousands of users.That game will show random spheres placed at different angles.You have to tap the screen to remove the same type of spheres and colors.When the spheres are removed, you will earn virtual money. Then you will have the opportunity to earn more money. A dynamic moving bar will appear on the screen with the number of multipliers underneath. When you are ready to try, click the “stop” button. Once completed, you will be notified of the multiplier obtained along with the increased earnings.

The Crop Crush wallet shows your cash balance and states that all the money will be cashed out after the end of the 1 hour countdown, which is really cool. You will be asked to enter your PayPal email to cash out your money, something that will never happen.

Conclusion of Cop Crush

Crop Crush is bogus, represents a total scam and will never pay you.
This platform will never transfer your money to your account as stated in their cash balance section. Crop Crush tries to persuade players that they will be able to withdraw money within an hour. That is a nefarious lie and many people believe it. As with many other fictitious money games, you will be told that there are hundreds of people ahead of you waiting to be rewarded.It also suggests that the higher your level, the faster you will cash out your money.
Game creators pay the platform to promote titles and share a portion of the commission with you for installing Crop Crush.

Crop Crush is a fraudulent application that is designed in a very attractive way to attract as many users as possible. The payment system is tempting, but fake, as you will never receive your money. The best thing to do is to stay away from Crop Crush and never download the application to your cell phone because you will waste your time.



Crop Crush is not paying.

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