Bingo Mania review: does it really pay?

Bingo Mania is an online platform for gambling games. Bingo Mania is played with real money. Within the platform there are many gambling games such as Loony Bin, Nut House, Money Pot, Roulette, Slots, lottery, among others. Basically it is a platform for bingo games and not for lotteries, but it contains some lottery games.
You cannot use this website if you are under 18 years old. In addition, many countries have banned it. You cannot access this website from the banned countries. According to them, Russia, Hungary and Romania are the banned countries, among others. You need real money to play on this website. And as with gambling, you will lose money, which is most likely, or win something in rare cases. The reality is that it is designed to make you lose money.

Is Bingo Mania legit?

Bingo Mania is legit but it is designed to make you lose money.

What is Bingo Mania?

When you visit the website for the first time, you will see that it is designed like a casino, using the same aesthetics.
To get started on the website, you need a player account. For that, you have to register on the website. You can do that by clicking on the Join Now button and entering details such as name, email, contact number, etc. They will send you a confirmation code, you need to enter the code on the site and you are done.
This site does not have popular lottery games because it is more focused on bingo. But for your enjoyment, the site offers more than ten lottery games.
You will find multiple bingo rooms, which provides an option for players to choose from. These rooms have different jackpots and numbers of players.
They also offer traditional video poker for poker players.

How to play

Bingo Mania offers two table games; the first is online roulette and the second is blackjack. You have to pick the right color or number or both to win at roulette.
The site runs a solid rewards and bonus program. The more you play on the site, the more time you spend on the site, the more rewards and bonuses you get.
If you’re a regular player, you can’t live off the bonuses for long. You have to spend your own money. For that, you must have money in your player account. You can send money to your account via Bitcoin or credit card and also debit card.

They strive to attract new users. For that, they use many tactics and strategies. The reality is that the number of winners is very low. The truth is that winning is very rare on this platform, as it is structured to make you lose. That is one of the reasons why this site earns millions of dollars since ever.

As a warning, many users are making negative comments about losing their money unfairly or not getting paid even if they had won at Bingo Mania.

Conclusion of Bingo Mania

Bingo Mania is an app that looks honest but is fraudulent, as it is designed to make the vast majority of players lose money.
The high probability of losing money is all too obvious. Gambling games like these, online or offline, are not recommended for winning money.
Even if you start with your money, i.e. a free welcome bonus, it becomes addictive after a while and then you have to spend your own money to play the games.
In case you win money it won’t be much and most of the time you will lose money.
Bingo Mania is not recommended and the best thing to do is to ignore it.



Bingo Mania is not paying.

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