Fruit Merge Mania Review: does it really pay?

Fruit Merge Mania is a fusion game in which you are promised to redeem real cash rewards through PayPal. Your task will be to combine identical fruits to generate bigger ones. It is the kind of game that will keep you entertained for hours due to its addictive design and the desire to earn a lot of money.
At the beginning, Merge Fruit Mania will give you a lot of cash, like $80 or $100. The more you play, the less you will win, because that’s how this kind of games are structured. You should know that $1 in the game is actually worth $0.01 in real life.

Fruit Merge Mania: is it legit?

Fruit Merge Mania is not legit because it does not pay to it users, it is a fake app.

What is Fruit Merge Mania

Fruit Merge Mania is a win cash app, whose developer is Masterkelleen and is part of the brand
Spinning Blades. Fruit Merge Mania is available worldwide and the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

How to play

After installing the Fruit Merge Mania app from the Play Store, you can start the game immediately.
Swipe left or right and release the fruit from the top of the screen. Now you must combine the same fruits to form bigger fruits. The game ends when the screen is full and you can no longer merge.
Note that there is a blue loading bar that will move to the right as you merge the fruits. Each time you complete this bar and press the PayPal logo, you will earn virtual dollars. It is mandatory that you tap the “get” button and it is also mandatory that you watch the video.
The main idea behind these apps is to make you watch as many ads as possible for the developer to maximize profits. After playing Fruit Merge Mania for a long time, your winnings will be reduced to a few cents at a time and you will never reach $10 to cash out, which is the minimum withdrawal.


Fruit Merge Mania will offer you to become a VIP member, but that’s a trap. The platform has a gold membership that allows you to remove annoying ads. You will have a free trial period for the first 3 days, after which you will have to pay $6 per week.If the cash reward was real, it would be worth removing the videos to earn more money in less time. This is a trap and you shouldn’t become a VIP member because it’s all a sham to get money out of you.

Something you should know

There are many applications like Fruit Merge Mania that make you believe that you can make easy money through them. The reality is that none of them have proven to be profitable. If you want to earn rewards by playing games, avoid early access apps that supposedly transfer large amounts of money through PayPal. You will only waste time, money, internet data and your cell phone battery.

Conclusion of Fruit Merge Mania

Fruit Merge Mania is a fraudulent app that will never pay you a penny. You can only play this game if you feel bored and want to entertain yourself for a while. Just don’t expect to make money from a fake brand like Spinning Blades. The company should be held accountable for their unrealistic claims of making $3,000 per week are totally wrong. If they had an authentic game, they should be more transparent about it.
The bottom line is that you should never install the Fruit Merge Mania app on your cell phone, the app is fake and you will waste time and money.



Fruit Merge Mania is not paying.

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