Flip Em All review: does it really pay?

Flip Em All is a casual game that allows players to win easy money and withdraw winnings through PayPal and other platforms. The goal of Flip Em All is to cleverly flip the squares so that they all show the blue face. Each level offers a unique puzzle with more complex squares that will test your strategies and once you finish the task and complete the level, you will receive an interesting cash prize. To collect your winnings you will need to watch a promotional video. The point is that even if you watch it you won’t cash out any of what you achieved, because Flip Em All is a fake app.

Flip Em All: is it legit?

Flip Em All is not a legitimate platform, it doesn’t pay or deliver anything it promises. Currently the app is in Early Access, which prohibits players from posting reviews on Play Store, which would reveal how fraudulent Flip Em All is.

What is Flip Em All?

Flip Em All is a free app to earn money, which is a scam. The developer is Rebuild Go and you can withdraw your winnings from $200 dollars, which is a lie.

How to play

Flip Em All can be installed quickly for free in the Google Play Store. The game starts immediately after loading and does not require any registration. The fact that the app does not have any registration reveals that the developers are not interested in the evolution of their users. Registering an application makes it easier for players to have more control over their activity on the platform. In the absence of registration, it is likely that everything you have worked on the application will disappear. It may happen that your data is lost or that you lose your cell phone.
To play, you must slide yellow balls over squares, which will flip over to reveal the opposite side. Each level is built to present a new set of challenges for the user.

At first glance the game looks legitimate, but it’s just another platform that takes advantage of people’s desire to win money fast. The reality is Flip Em All never pays its players what they earned.


Flip Em All will set a trap for you: you will easily reach the $200 threshold to cash out, but when you reach it you will only encounter obstacles. You will have to complete 15 levels for the application to approve your request. After completing all levels, you will find that your claim is in process and that you must wait in a queue with more than 9000 players. Your position will be updated every moment, but the truth is that it’s all a hoax.
Even when you no longer have to wait for anyone, the money you won will never reach your bank account because it simply doesn’t exist.

The key to prevent these scams is to never download this application to your cell phone. Ignore the marketing strategies that developers try to impose to get people to play through fake apps. The truth is that the only ones making money are the developers and the brands that advertise through these fraudulent platforms.

Conclusion of Flip Em All

Flip Em All is a fake, fraudulent application and will never pay you what you have won playing. The developer, Rebuild Go, will try to confuse you through lying marketing strategies to get you to play as long as you can and most of all to watch ads for them to make money. Never download this application to your cell phone. Flip Em All is a scam that will only waste your time.



Flip Em All is not paying.

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