Rewards Pop Review: does it really pay?

Rewards Pop is an application to earn money. It currently has more than 500 thousand downloads worldwide. The platform is in early access, that means that users cannot write reviews about Rewards App. An app in early access is not reliable because it hides lies. The developer, covenfastcovenfast, does not want new users to know the truth about this app.
Rewards Pop is a garbage app, which manifests itself through fake images of earnings. Worst of all, the developer did a great marketing job and a lot of people fell for it.

Rewards Pop: is it legit?

Rewards Pop is not a legitimate application as it will not pay you anything you earn. The platform is fraudulent and represents a dangerous scam for users.

What is Rewards Pop?

Rewards Pop is a free application to earn money, which is completely false. The developer of the platform is covenfastcovenfast and currently it can be downloaded from any country in the world.

How to play

Rewards Pop is installed from the Play Store and is available on any Android device worldwide. The app is free and requires no registration. At the start, you will receive a generous welcome bonus of 2500 tokens to start highly addictive entertainment.
Before playing, you will have to follow a set of instructions. In this way, Rewards Pop can track the time you spend on sponsored applications and reward you accordingly.

Keep in mind that advertisers pay Rewards Pop to promote their apps and, in turn, share a portion of that profit with the users who play on them.
To collect coins you must browse the list of app and game offers. Choose a
game you like and start earning tokens. The problem is that Rewards Pop shows only the time you need to spend in the app, not the amount of tokens you will receive. To find out that information you will need to install the application and play for the required time.
First, tap the “More Info” button to go to the Play Store and download the app. After installing it, return to Rewards Pop and navigate to the list of installed apps.
Tap “Play” and get ready to earn rewards, something that will never happen in reality. As you reach milestones like 600 or 1200 seconds, tokens will be automatically added to your balance, which is ultimately a lie.

You will be able to collect your money once you have accumulated 1 million tokens, you can redeem $10 dollars, but if you want to earn more, there are other possibilities. You can collect 2 million tokens to redeem $20 dollars or 3 million tokens for $30 dollars. The bottom line is that you will never get paid for anything the platform promises.


It takes one million tokens to withdraw, which is extremely high and unrealistic. The developer set the payout threshold very high to make it impossible for people to withdraw money. The truth is that you will receive less than 1 cent for playing for six minutes or more. Playing at this rate will probably require more than 90 hours of play time to reach 1 million tokens. Worst of all, Rewards Pop doesn’t offer enough play options to reach that goal. The longer you play, the more you’ll need to play to earn the same amount of tokens. For example, the first 600 gives you about 600 chips. The next 600 chips will require 1200 seconds. Everything is designed so that you never cash out.

Conclusion of Rewards Pop

Rewards Pop is a fake app that cheats you throughout the game so that you never get your money. The platform is fraudulent and you should never download this app to your cell phone. Rewards Pop is a scam and you should stay away from it.



Rewards Pop is not paying.

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