Pop Rich Tree Review: does it really pay?

Pop Rich Tree is an application that you can find on Google Play for Android system. The app offers Robux rewards. The platform only serves a very specific niche audience of Robux consumers. You must play long enough and reach the minimum amount, 10,000 Robux in order to cash out. The truth about this game is that it will never pay you what you earn.
Read the following Pop Rich Tree review below to discover all the gimmicks the game imposes in order to trick users.

Pop Rich Tree: is it legit?

Pop Rich Tree is not legitimate, as it is a fake application that does not pay anything and deceives players.

What is Pop Rich Tree?

Pop Rich Tree is a game in which you mix blocks of the same color and your virtual tree goes up a level. The platform claims that you will receive free Robux when your balance reaches 10,000.
The app is on Google’s PlayStore.
The game doesn’t require any registration, so you don’t have to worry about entering your personal information. This is a negative point. If you happen to lose your phone or uninstall the app, you will lose all your evolution and the winnings you got from playing the game.

How to play?

Pop Rich Tree is free to install on any Android device and is available in all countries. You don’t have to make purchases to play the elimination game and collect Robux rewards. Once you open the game, you will be asked if you want Robux for free and then you must register your Roblox account. From the very beginning, Pop Rich Tree encourages you to collect 10000 Robux in the game to receive the in-game currency through the official website. Then accept the user bonus of 2000 Robux. The game features colored gems and a tree with Robux symbols. Your job is to tap two or more gems of the same color to remove them and feed your tree.
As you play and level up your tree, you will receive many Robux accumulated in your account. Pop Rich Tre invites you to double your reward by watching a video. However, the platform will force you to watch an advertising video to continue playing. You can keep playing the tree to keep collecting Robux.

Unfortunately this whole game dynamic is a sham. You will still be forced to watch videos and you will never get paid what you earned on the platform.


Pop Rich Tree proposes to transfer the platform currency to your Roblox account once you reach 10,000 Robux. The app incentivizes players to reach level 20 to earn another 15,000 Robux. Once you reach the goal, Pop Rich Tree will direct you to the redemption page. Then, tap the green “10000” button to claim your prize.
The platform will not transfer your Robux to your player account, even if you meet all the requirements. It takes an average player 20 minutes to collect 10,000 Robux and claim your winnings.
The trap consists of asking you for new conditions to collect your Robux, making you waste more time and never paying you what you are entitled to.

Conclusion of Pop Rich Tree

Pop Rich Tree is another scam that abounds on the internet. The best thing to do is to ignore this app and never download it to your cell phone. As you can see, the platform manifests a lot of gimmicks for you to play so that you have to watch advertising videos, which is the real profit of the app developers.
Pop Rich Tree is a total scam and you should never consider it to win Robux or any other type of reward.



Pop Rich Tree does not pay.


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