Lucky Market Review: does it really pay?

Lucky Market is a farm themed game. As a player you will have to be the owner and manager of your own land and thereby earn your reward. The game shows a huge amount of advertising, although it is more entertaining than others.
The reality is that Lucky Market does not pay and throughout the game it will manifest several deceptions for you to play, see ads and the platform earns money at the expense of your time and work.
Read the following review carefully and you will know the reasons why you should stay away from Lucky Master.

Lucky Market: is it legit?

Lucky Market is not a legitimate app as it does not pay what it promises. The platform has several traps for you to play while you think you will earn money, but that will not happen.

What is Lucky Market?

Lucky Market is a famous mobile farming game developed by Mary D Smith. This game simulates growing and selling fruits and vegetables.

To start playing you must search for its name in the search engine and it will appear among the first places in the list of results. If you do not find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone. It does not have any registration option, the platform will not ask you for any data or email to start.

How to play?

Lucky Market is a famous mobile farming game developed by Mary D Smith. This game simulates growing and selling fruits and vegetables.
At first glance, Lucky Market looks like a paradise for mobile game enthusiasts. The graphics are visually pleasing and the gameplay is simple. As you progress through the game, you can change the facilities, decorate your market and make it more attractive to customers, all so that you earn more money in the game.

You can also earn virtual money by playing games, watching ads and completing tasks. Unfortunately these proposals are also false.
The difficulty level of the game increases drastically as you progress, which makes it harder to earn virtual money, which is an obstacle to collect your money.

You must grow as much as you can. Once you can get your harvest you can start selling your products. You don’t have to invest any money at any time, so everything will work from the coins that your customers give you and some more that you can earn through the ad view. The game is fun to play and in this way it tries to keep its users with lies.


The platform claims that you can receive money after 10 minutes, which is false. Unrealistic cash rewards may entice players to continue playing in the hope of reaching the $400 withdrawal requirement, only to be frustrated when they discover that they cannot transfer virtual money to real cash. Lucky Market does not pay out any real money and only represents a waste of time for users.

Conclusion of Lucky Market

Lucky Market is not worth your time and effort. Lucky Market is designed to waste players’ time. The platform does not pay, it is just another scam application to attract users and force them to watch intrusive advertisements, thanks to which the creators of the app will make money. The small cash rewards offered are insignificant and are never paid. The unrealistic advertising claims are lies The game is fun and entertaining, but it will never make money, which is the real goal of the users,
The best thing to do is to ignore Lucky Maket and never download it to your cell phone. You will only waste your time.



Lucky Market does not pay.

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