Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper: does it really pay?

Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper is an application to earn money playing games. The platform exposes itself through an advertisement that warns that it is giving away $100 to new users. The app also promises to make a lot of money by playing pinball. Unfortunately none of this is true. Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper does not deliver anything it promises and will not pay you to play pinball. The app manifests several deceptions to convince you to play. The platform is in early access, which means that users cannot write reviews about their experience in the game. Usually junk apps use this strategy so that their lies are not revealed.
Read the following review to the end and you will find out how Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper lies to users.

Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper: is it legit?

Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper is not a legitimate application, as it contains misleading information and will never pay you what it promises.

What is Mega PinBall 3D Flipper?

Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper is an application to earn money by playing. The platform looks aesthetically appealing and is easy to use. The installation of this application is simple and you will quickly find it in Google PlayStore. Although it is not very famous it will appear in the first results. This is because its name is long and uncommon. Once you have found the application you must install it on your cell phone. The download process is quite short and once finished it will be installed automatically.
The platform does not require any registration, which is a big red flag. No registration means that personal data will not be saved. This means that, if we happen to lose our cell phone, we will also lose everything we have earned in the game. As you can see, it’s all a scam, as they never pay out in the end.

How to play?

Once Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper is installed on your cell phone, you must start playing pinball. For that you will have a board with springs, a Slot zone and more functions. When you start the game you have to keep pressed the impeller. This will shoot the ball and it will bounce on the springs. There are some special springs with which we can win bonuses from PayPal or Amazon, these are the green springs. Every time the ball collides with one of these, we will get the bonuses.

If the ball collides with another one, a slot will be activated. As in any slot machine, it will start spinning and we can win juicy prizes. Before claiming a reward you have to watch an advertising video. The truth is that the game cannot be enjoyed, as you have to watch videos over and over again. Users put up with these conditions because they want to earn money.

Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper pays through PayPal and Amazon gift cards. The withdrawal threshold is $1000 dollars and the maximum withdrawal is $10,000 dollars, which is severely fraudulent.

Conclusion of Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper

Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper does not pay, as it is all a scam. Users spend hours playing the app and watching its ads, but it’s all a waste of time. When you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, the bank transaction will never be completed. They force you to watch 20 videos, you have to keep waiting, watch more videos and so on. The platform is set up to never pay you and the only ones who will earn are the developers of the app thanks to the commercials they force you to watch.
The reality is that the app is fake and the best thing you can do is ignore it and never download it to your cell phone, because it will only waste your time.



Mega PinBall: 3D Flipper does not pay.

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