Money 3D: Cash Count Review: does it really pay?

Money 3D: Cash Count is an Android game in which you earn real money by collecting virtual bills. which is fake. The platform tells you that all you have to do is tap or swipe the screen to collect the 3D flying coins and bills.
Each greenback grants $0.05 to your cash balance and you can withdraw the money via PayPal.
Money 3D: Cash Count claims that you can earn hundreds of dollars in a few minutes, which is a lie and manifests the platform’s lack of seriousness. Worst of all, this junk app is going viral, as many fall into the trap of this platform.
Read the following review below and I will reveal the lies that this application keeps.

Money 3D: Cash Count: is it legit?

Money 3D: Cash Count is not a legitimate app as it does not pay what it promises. As you play through the platform you will realize that there are many lies and inconsistencies that prove that the app is fraudulent.

What is Money 3D: Cash Count?

Money 3D Cash Count is a free app that you can find on Google Play and is available worldwide. The developer is Dam Nhipy Life and the game consists of tapping or swiping virtual money in order to get it.
This is an easy to find app, as you can see it at the top of the results every time you search. If you do not find it, it may be because the game is not compatible with your cell phone. The platform does not require any kind of registration within the game, so it will not ask you any data for that nor will it ask you to link an account.

Money 3D Cash Count also features games like Lucky Wheel and Million Puzzle Challenge. The platform offers prizes like iPhone 14 and iPad Pro, which is all fake.

How to play?

The game consists solely of the platform throwing a bunch of bills and coins at you while you simply have to grab as much as you can. Apparently, the bills are a major reward and also add directly to your withdrawal account.
You, as the player, must simply press his screen and hope to grab some of that fortune. As time goes on you will see that it starts to get a little more difficult to catch coins and bills thrown across the screen and so it will be more challenging to get them.
The reward is added to your account little by little and as time goes by more and more intrusive ads will appear.

Payment is requested via PayPal only and the minimum withdrawal is $200. From there you can find other withdrawal figures such as $300, $500 and $1,000.
At first everything will seem fine even if you have some annoying advertising, but when it comes time to request your payment you will see that you will have some problems. When you get to that point you will have to watch ads to get on a waiting list and then you will have to pay to get your reward.
As you may have noticed Money 3D: Cash Count is a complete scam, a legitimate platform would never ask you for money to collect your winnings. Obviously this junk app will never pay you what you earned.

Conclusion of Money 3D: Cash Count

Money 3D: Cash Count is a complete scam as it will never pay you what you won. The best thing to do is to stay away from this application and never download it on your cell phone. The platform exposes a series of inconsistencies throughout the game, stating that everything is a fraud.



Money 3D: Cash Count does not pay.

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