OkScan: Scan To Earn Rewards Review: does it really pay

OkScan: Scan to earn rewards is an application that pays for performing tasks. Among these activities you can find tasks such as scanning codes, reading articles and viewing a lot of advertisements. This is a quite common aspect among misleading applications, as the real goal of these platforms is to monetize that website and earn money thanks to users’ views. In reality OkScan: Scan to earn rewards will never pay you for the tasks you have done, as it is a scam platform.
Read the following review of OkScan: Scan to earn rewards to understand how they deceive users.

OkScan: Scan to earn rewards: is it legit?

OkScan: Scan to earn rewards is not a legitimate application, as it does not pay what it promises. The platform is structured to trick users into believing that they will earn money if they perform certain tasks. In the end, the payout they promise never materializes, which is a waste of time.

What is OkScan: Scan to earn rewards?

OkScan: Scan to earn rewards is an app created by Whitewalker Game LLC which promises to pay for tasks performed by users.
The app can be easily found in the Play Store due to its long and original name. If you can’t find it, it might not be available in your country or with your operating system.
As is usually the case with junk apps, there is no need to register and no personal data is required and you will not be asked for an account to link. As you can see, the platform is not interested in you having control over your OkScan account: Scan to earn rewards.

How to play?

To start performing tasks in OkScan: Scan to earn rewards you must log in to the application and see a large number of advertisements. Supposedly this action enables you to earn bonuses to earn more money, but it is a scam.
When you enter you will have the possibility to choose different options such as watching videos, reading some articles in which you will have a circle that is completed and gives you coins. Then you have the possibility to multiply your winnings through a slot machine, but it is another scam.

The rewards are very different between each task and the one that pays the most is scanning codes. The easiest way to earn money is through roulette and reading articles.
You can request your payment through PayPal, Steam, Amazon, Google Play and OXXO.


The minimum withdrawal is excessively high: $500 dollars, which is very suspicious. To make it you need 5000 coins which doesn’t seem like a difficult goal, since they give you a welcome bonus of 2,000 coins.
The big catch of OkScan: Scan to earn rewards is that as you advance the reward and you will realize that it will never be enough to reach the minimum withdrawal.

Conclusion of OkScan: Scan to earn rewards

OkScan: Scan to earn rewards is a non-paying app and the best thing to do is to ignore it. It is not worth installing it on your cell phone, as it will only waste your battery and take up space. Many people have fallen into the trap of this application, fortunately you already know the truth about this platform and understand that you should never download it to your mobile phone. These types of applications are designed to confuse and deceive users. The platform lies by claiming to offer money-making tasks. The real goal of junk apps is to make you see a lot of ads so that the creators can make money.



OkScan: Scan to earn App rewards does not pay.

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