StarTube App Review: does it really pay?

StarTube is an application to earn money by watching videos. The platform is distinguished by having an interface similar to TikTok or Youtube, which makes it familiar and attractive. StarTube only has a structure based on advertising and it is common to find ads throughout the platform. The app allows you to watch short videos from Youtube, but it is only entertainment, as it will not pay you for that. StarTube is in Early Access, which makes it impossible for users to comment on their actual experience on the platform.
StarApp is another junk app that you will find on Google Play.
Read the following review carefully and find out why you shouldn’t download it to your cell phone.

StarTube: is it legit?

StarTube is not legitimate, as it does not pay what it promises. You may also find positive reviews about this app on Google Play, which are fake. The creators of the app pay to have positive reviews and thus deceive people.

What is StarTube App?

StarTube is an application to earn money by watching videos. The app is free, available worldwide and is created by Wow! Game LLC, a company famous for its fraudulent platforms. The payment threshold is $500, which is too high, as with all fake apps.

The application is easy to find. The key is to spell the name right, because otherwise hundreds of apps with similar names will appear. If you can not find it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone.
StarTube does not ask you anything for registration. Supposedly the platform saved your data and your earnings in its system. However, it is likely that one day you will log in and everything is lost.

How to play?

Once you enter the application for the first time, you will receive a bonus of 2000 coins. The coins can be exchanged for cash rewards once you reach 5000 points, which is equivalent to $500 dollars.
StarTube is one that is full of ads and financial indicators that only serve to distract you.
It contains several sections, such as news, in-app games and short films like Youtube.
To get started you must click on the treasure chest in the one above.Once you click on it, Lucky reward will be activated and you will collect coins, which can be doubled by watching an advertisement. However, the video will play frequently even if you do not select to double your winnings. Then wait another 10 seconds for the progress bar to fill up, refresh and repeat the process. If you want you can unlock bonus coins by clicking on the “Free” chest and watching the video. These videos appear suddenly and serve to keep you inside the application.

Once you reach the 5000 point threshold, you can claim your $500. You have several payment methods to choose from: PayPal, Cash App, Amazon, Steam or Google Gift Cards. The platform says your payment will be processed within three to five business days. The reality is that the payment never materializes because StarTube is a scam. The truth about StarTube is that the platform does not pay and your payment will never be processed.

Conclusion of StarTube App

StarTube is basically an advertising trap designed to hook users and use their time to earn money from them by deceiving them.
The app lies by claiming that it delivers coins redeemable for exaggerated cash rewards when users watch videos. The biggest deception is that upon reaching the withdrawal amount, the user is faced with another condition: watch 75 videos or else pay $1 dollar. This strategy ensures that the developer makes money at the expense of users’ time and data.



StarTube does not pay.

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