Egypt Blast Review: does it really pay?

Egypt Blast is an application to earn money very similar to Candy Crush, with the difference that this game is set in Ancient Egypt, to make it different and attractive. The advertising defines it as an entertaining application that will generate a lot of profits. They also define it as challenging, because it has many levels through which you will test yourself. As you play on the platform you will notice several inconsistencies that show that Egypt Blast is fraudulent and that you should never download it to your cell phone.
Read the following Egypt Blast review carefully to draw your own conclusions.

Egypt Blast: is it legit?

Egypt Blast is not a legitimate application as it does not pay what it promises. The platform presents confusing features because the real intention is not to pay you what you are entitled to.

What is Egypt Blast?

Egypt Blast is a free application designed by the developer luckypuzzle company and enjoys great popularity. The gameplay of Egypt Blast is similar to Candy Crush, with the difference that Egypt Blast is a scam.
To install this application you have to go to Google PlayStore and search for it by its name, Egypt Blast, which is unusual. Then you will have to download it, which will take a few minutes and the installation will be done automatically. No registration is required to open the application. This is highly dangerous, as it can lead to data loss. If you lose the application or the phone, you will lose everything you have gained.

How to play?

The dynamics of the game Egypt Blast consists of combining colored figures in the Candy Crush style. You will have to do just that. Combine the colors to level up and earn more rewards. As you advance in levels you will find more complex challenges, as the difficulty gradually increases. The rewards will encourage you to keep advancing, the developers want you to play as long as possible.
As you progress through the game, you can unlock bonuses and tools that will increase your earnings. The platform constantly displays invasive advertisements that ruin your experience as a player.
You can withdraw your money once you have reached the $100 payout threshold which is too high. It is worth noting that the platform claims that you can earn up to $500 playing in a short time. This is completely false. Egypt Blast claims to pay through PayPal, which is never the case.


Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount you must claim your money. Your email address is requested and you write it as it is. Immediately they will make the transaction, or maybe not because you wrote your email wrong. Yes, this application has a function where they erase some digit of your email to make you believe that you put it wrong. This is a malicious trap and proves that Egypt Blast is playing dirty and behaving like criminals. It’s all an excuse from the platform to say that it’s not their fault that you didn’t get paid.

Conclusion of Egypt Blast

Egypt Blast is a fraudulent application that does not deliver what it promises. The dynamics of the game is highly addictive so that players stay on the platform for a long time. In that way the application shows you thousands of intrusive ads and so they earn a lot of money.
Egypt Blast does not pay and cheats users by taking advantage of people’s desire to earn extra money in their free time.
The best thing to do is to ignore Egypt Blast and never download it to your cell phone, as it is a garbage application.



Egypt Blast does not pay.

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