Spin Soccer King Review: does it really pay

Spin Soccer King is an arcade game that mixes the fun of spinning reels with the dynamics of soccer. The app was created by Moondrop through the Unity platform. The platform offers a fun way to earn virtual money and collect it through Paypal and Amazon. Players can activate the machine and collect winnings by pressing the spin button and watching advertisements. Spin Soccer King claims that you can earn money without taking any financial risks.
The reality is very different, Spin Soccer King will not pay you a penny of what you earn as a player within the application.
Read the following review and you will know how to cheat Spin Soccer King users.

Is Spin Soccer King legit?

No, Spin Soccer Kin is not legitimate since it says that you will earn money by playing, but it is all a lie.
The app is configured to trick the user into believing that they are going to collect the money they have earned.

What is Spin Soccer King?

Spin Soccer King is an arcade game that builds on the fun of spinning reels and adds soccer dynamics to it. Spin Soccer King is available on the Play Store and does not require real money to start playing.

How to play?

To start you must press the red spin button and watch the three reels come to life. You start with 50 chips, with additional spins added every five minutes. When three or more PayPal or Amazon card symbols are intentionally matched on the reels, the cash reward is triggered. As a result, you will be tempted to tap the “get paid” button and watch the ad to get paid.
Virtual money comes via PayPal or Amazon bonuses, each credited to its own separate balance. You must mix three demolition cranes to activate an attack and win impressive cash prizes. If you match three vaults, you will get extra money. When it starts spinning, you’ll be blown away by the amazing cash rewards out there: you’ll supposedly win over $90 for viewing an ad. None of that is true, as this is a ruse to keep you playing for as long as possible. The real goal is for you to see a lot of ads so that the developers of the platform earn money.


The platform says that the money you earn in 24 hours will be redeemed in your PayPal account. In case you win more than $1000, you can withdraw the money immediately without waiting. Faced with such a spectacular prospect, it is obvious that most players choose the second option. As for Amazon bonuses, you can only cash out when your balance reaches $10,000, which is extremely high and unrealistic for a mobile app.

Conclusion of Spin Soccer King

Spin Soccer King is another fraud created by a developer company that has the goal of making money for themselves. The virtual currency you earn in the app has no value in the real world. The reality is that those are pixels on the screen. The company will never transfer the funds to your PayPal account. Initially, it looks like it will hit $1000 in no time due to PayPal’s huge bonuses. The truth is that the closer you get to the payout threshold, the smaller the prizes become. As the $950 figure for PayPal approaches, you’ll find that earnings per task drop to just $3, which can be depressing. Unfortunately, you will not receive compensation after watching hundreds of videos for more than an hour. Once you reach the goal and enter your account details, you will need to pay a bank transfer fee. Under no circumstances should you transfer money to these platforms, as they will steal your money.



Spin Soccer King does not pay.

Here you have the link to Spin Soccer King, so you can recognize this fake app.

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