Gem Master Review: does it really pay?

Gem Master is an incredibly attractive game where users fuse different shapes of gems and get $100 dollars for doing that. Gem Master, an Android game, is highly addictive thanks to its dynamics. You must smash diamonds together to form larger ones. By unlocking specific jewels with the PayPal logo, you will get virtual cash coupons.
Gem Master has been installed over 100,000 times, but is still classified as “Early Access”. That means that reviews on Google Play are permanently blocked until the developer decides to activate it. Most fake apps use that gimmick to prevent users from revealing the truth of the platform.
Gem Master is a frudulent app, read the following review and you’ll find out all about it.

Gem Master: is it legit?

Gem Master is not legitimate, since it does not pay what it promises. The platform applies trickery so that the player becomes addicted to the game and then does not collect any of the winnings.

What is Gem Master?

Gem Master is a free fusion game created by the developer Puzzle. It is available worldwide. Players must be 18 years or older and the payment threshold is $500.

Gem Master is available for Android devices. You can install it on Google Play and start synthesizing gems to play. You should know that the company can read, modify and even delete content on your phone. That includes personal files like photos and videos, that makes Gem Master a dangerous app.

How to play?

Gem Master consists of dropping round gems so that they collide with those at the bottom. When two matching gems collide, they will merge into a larger gem.
Note that some gems have a PayPal logo in the center. If you match two of these, you will receive virtual dollars after watching a video. PayPal gems appear randomly for you to drop or when you merge two gold coins. The app forces you to watch videos constantly to keep playing.
You have other game options like growing the gem tree, playing Lucky Wheel and getting more rewards randomly. You can also earn virtual dollars when you register and complete reward tasks.

To cash out through PayPa you must have a minimum balance of $500. You can also exchange diamonds for Amazon and Google Play gift cards. After requesting your payment, the app tells you “congratulations, your order was successfully submitted. Your money will be transferred to your PayPal account within 72 hours.” However, Gem Master will add another goal to postpone the payment. It says you need to activate the order by watching 50 videos.


Gem Master does not pay. Nowadays many fake apps ask people to watch a lot of videos, but then increase the requirement.
The truth is that Gem Master does not get enough advertising revenue to pay $500, $1000 per player.

Conclusion of Gem Master

Gem Master is a fake app that never pays. Gem Master is another free fusion game that uses fake cash rewards to maximize its own profit margin.
When you reach $500 and you have to cash out, you will find that you need to play longer to watch at least 50 additional ads. When you reach that amount of videos you need to watch when you reach the target, the platform will force you to watch more videos. This is all a hoax, the only ones who make money are the developers through the ads that users see.
Gem Master does not pay and the best thing you can do is to stay away from this application.
Remember that Gem Master is dangerous for your cell phone, it is not advisable to download this app.



Gem Master does not pay.

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