Tap Away 3D Review: does it really pay?

Tap Away 3D is an app developed by Rewild Go and supposedly pay to play. The dynamic consists of arranging cubes in the correct order to finally win money. Tap Away 3D is free and available on all Android devices.
More than a million people have downloaded this application to their cell phones because the platform promises to pay hundreds of dollars just to play. The sad reality is that Tap Away 3D is a scam and doesn’t pay a dime.
Read the following review and you will find out all the traps this platform imposes to avoid paying your money.

Tap Away 3D: is it legit?

Tap Away 3D is not legitimate, as it will not pay you as promised. The platform is a complete scam and does not pay its users.

What is Tap Away 3D?

Tap Away 3D is a puzzle game that has attracted the attention of more than one million users because they believe they will earn money. The game consists of the following dynamic: a group of cubes indicates the direction in which it will move when tapped, the goal is to tap the cubes in the correct order, eliminating them all to empty the displayed stage. As a reward, players earn ticket tokens that can be exchanged for cash: 1000 tokens for $100. Despite its sudden fame, Tap Away 3D is still in early access. That prevents players from sharing their experiences with the app. The reality is that the platform’s developers don’t want users to reveal the shenanigans that this fake app has.
Tap Away 3D is available on all Android devices and there is no cost to play. The platform does not require any registration to start playing.

How to play?

The game presents a group of cubes, each marked with an arrow indicating the direction in which it will move when touched. The goal is to touch the cubes in the ideal order to clear the stage. If you touch the wrong cube, it will not go away and you will lose a move. If you run out of moves, you will have to watch an advertisement. Each time you complete a level, you receive tokens and the opportunity to increase your winnings up to 10 times. All you have to do is tap the “Get more” button and watch another 30-second advert promoting another fake cash game.
The developer has partnered with advertising companies and gets the profits when you watch those videos. Therefore, keeping you hooked and playing for as long as possible is in their best interest. Tap Away 3D has a minimum payout limit of $100, which is too high. Most reward based games use this well known trap to keep you captive to the game for a long time.
Tap Away 3D also features a rewards section where you can collect puzzles to exchange for prizes like a Sony camera or an iPhone 14.
If you want you can play the game to collect these puzzles and search for puzzle bubbles. You have the possibility to enter the rewards section to play bubbles or set the wheel of luck. For everything you will have to see advertisements to access the rewards you want.


To withdraw money from Tap Away 3D, you must first collect 10,000 tokens. Once you have reached that number, you can open the redemption section and select the $100 option. The payment options are PayPal, Worldplay, AliPay and Line Pay. The reality is that collecting 10,000 tokens takes a long time and you already know that in the end the platform will not pay you.

Conclusion of Tap Away 3D

Tap Away 3D does not pay because it is a complete scam. Never download this fake app to your cell phone because it will only waste your time.



Tap Away 3d does not pay.

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