Mysterious Treasures 2248 Review: does it really pay?

Mysterious Treasures 2248 is a highly entertaining game that promises to make you money for playing. The application is unreliable from the start, which gives it a bad image. Mysterious Treasures 2248 is set up to make you play for as long as possible to eventually collect nothing. Read the following review carefully and you will discover the series of deceptions that this platform has that will make you waste your time.

Mysterious Treasures 2248: is it legit?

Mysterious Treasures 2248 is not a legitimate app, as it does not pay what it promises. The platform manifests various ruses throughout the game to get users to stay longer, but ultimately there is no payout.

What is Mysterious Treasures 2048?

Mysterious Treasures: 2248 is a free Android game that focuses on Egyptian culture. The app invites players to connect identical chests and various objects to get them off the game board. With each successful connection, you will receive virtual dollars identified with the PayPal or Amazon logo.
The platform claims that through the game you can withdraw real cash, so it invites users to collect as much money as possible in 24 hours. The game offers a relaxing gaming experience in which you will get good winnings. Unfortunately, that’s a lie, as players will never win money.
Mysterious Treasures 2248 can be found on Play Store for any Android device. The game is available worldwide and no registration is required to start playing.
When you start playing you will notice that the game expresses a very attractive Egyptian aesthetic: goblets, crucifixes, chests, jars, among other objects.

How to play?

The goal of the game is to slide and connect all identical objects with the same level, which causes them to merge into a higher level item. In this way you activate a cash reward. As you combine these old objects, you will earn virtual dollars through Amazon or PayPal. To achieve this you must tap the collect button and watch an advertisement to add the money to your wallet.

The first cash prizes are so incredible that you’ll think you’ll get addicted to the game. The first PayPal prize is $88 and the Amazon prize is spectacular: $1358. The platform encourages you to keep merging and accumulating riches like the famous Pharaoh Ramses II. The game features an Amazon discount for those who withdraw any amount.

The platform represents a real treasure for those who want to earn money in a short time You can also increase winnings by spinning the wheel of luck, completing a three-day mission or logging in every day.


When it comes to cashing out, Mysterious Treasures 2248 features several cheats.
To withdraw earnings, players can choose between PayPal or Amazon gift cards. For PayPal. The platform claims that you can redeem any amount after 24 hours or as soon as you reach the $1000 figure.
The withdrawal threshold for Amazon gift cards is higher: $10,000. Once you have accumulated your virtual fortune, log in to your wallet and follow the prompts. Mysterious Treasures 2248 will charge you a wire transfer fee to withdraw your money. Unfortunately, the platform will charge the fee, but will never deposit that money into your bank account.

Conclusion of Mysterious Treasures: 2248

Mysterious Treasures 2248 is a non-paid application that only takes advantage of users. The developer cleverly uses the supposedly high winnings reel as a lure to trap players and profit from advertisements. The reality is that it takes years to accumulate $1000 because the rewards get smaller as you get closer to that goal. Everything is structured to keep you playing for a long time. Once you are finally ready to cash out, the game will surprise you with a transfer fee, even though you will never actually receive your money.



Mysterious Treasures does not pay.


  1. Good day i play mysterios Treasures and cash out 926US dollers i full in my banking details and they se my banking details is wrog and i must confirm my details

  2. My Amazon gift cards from this game when I’ll my amazon gift cards in my real bank account link me

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