Lucky Pusher -Win Big Rewards Review: does it really pay?

Lucky Pusher-Win Big Rewards is a video game style application to obtain gifts, prizes and rewards for the simple fact of playing. The reality is that this platform does not pay a penny to play, it also applies several gimmicks to keep you playing and stay as long as possible within the application.
Read the following Lucky Pusher review below and find out how the app deceives users.

Lucky Pusher: is it legit?

Lucky Pusher is an application created by the developer Shape Keeper Ltd, totally free, available worldwide.
Lucky Pusher is a vintage style coin bulldozer arcade game. The platform manifests an easy to control gameplay, features aesthetic graphics and funny animations. In the game you will see more than 30 coins to unlock, which makes the dynamics addictive.
The truth is that the game is well designed and absolutely entertaining, but it is also true that it doesn’t pay anything of what it promises and will only waste your time.

How to play?

To start playing Lucky Pusher you will not need to make any purchase as it is totally free.
You must be at least 18 years old to start playing.
The gameplay consists of dropping the nickels and pushing the coins off the board. Then you have to try to get those coins into the yellow box for a chance to spin. You should be encouraged to use special items to win more easily.
The goal of the game is to drop the coins and remove the dollars and gold coins from the conveyor belt. At first, there is a high cash drop rate, which is why I accumulated so much in such a short time. As you play more, the rate gets lower and lower to the point where you don’t win anything for days.

Other games created by developers have the same structure so that eventually no one collects the money that people earn.

If you are someone who is approaching retirement and having difficulties, you will be reassured to know that it is not you, but that an algorithm has probably been implemented on purpose so that you do not access your payout.


Lucky Pusher pays through PayPal and Amazon. To get paid through PayPal you need a balance of $100 and to get paid through Amazon you will need a balance of one million tokens. Before cashing out by any method, the platform will force you to watch too many ads and ultimately will not pay you any of the money you made by playing.

Conclusion of Lucky Pusher: Win Big Rewards

Lucly Pusher is a scam on every level, just like all the apps created and managed by the developer Shape Keeper Ltd.

Google Play is full of junk applications of this type. Platforms that are made to make the user believe that he will win money playing. In this case 100$ by PayPal or even sometimes even an iPhone and similar prizes.

The reality is that after displaying many advertisements, the rewards decrease to such an extent that the dollar prizes disappear completely, making it impossible to apply for a prize, and even if you do apply, they never pay out. This particular platform wastes your time and will never pay you.

The game is attractive and well designed because the ultimate goal is to make you play for a long time so that you will see advertisements and the developer company will make money. Anyway, this is the true reality of Lucky Pusher and the thousands of similar apps you will find on Google Play.
The best thing to do is to ignore Lucky Pusher and never download it to your cell phone.



Lucky Pusher-Win Big Rewards does not pay.

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