Mission Guru: Brain Boost Review: does it really pay?

Mission Guru: Brain Boost is an innovative reward application focused on completing missions and performing certain tasks. According to the developer, users are supposed to play games and watch short videos in exchange for generous cash rewards. The reality contradicts what the platform claims, as users will not earn any rewards for playing.
Read the following review of Mission Guru: Brain Boost below and find out how it deceives users.

Mission Guru: Brain Boost: is it legit?

Mission Guru: Brain Boost is not a legitimate app because it doesn’t pay for anything it promises. The platform has several gimmicks to keep players captive inside the app, to finally pay them nothing.

What is Mission Guru: Brain Boost?

Mission Guru: Brain Boost is a modern reward app focused on completing tasks.
Mission Guru is available worldwide on the Play Store for any Android device.
The developer does not charge a fee to join the program nor is any registration required. The fact that no registration is required is a bad sign. None of the users’ data will be saved and you can lose any progress you have from one moment to the next. On top of that, players will not have any kind of support, which will worsen the experience on the platform.

How to play?

When you start Mission Guru, you are asked to select your preferred payment platform from several options such as PayPal, Amazon, Cash App, Google Play and Steam.

Under the Discover tab, you will find a list of games that indicate how many coins can be earned during a specific period of time. When starting to play, Mission Guru does not direct users to the Play Store to download sponsored games. Instead, the games are available directly within the platform, which is odd.

The platform invades users with advertising videos promoting other games of dubious origin. They encourage them to tap buttons to activate the reward, regardless of whether you play or not. The goal is to get players to watch the commercials.


When cashing out your winnings, all you have to do is open the “withdraw money” tab and click on the “withdraw money” button once your balance reaches 5000 coins. The user will have five withdrawal options: PayPal, Amazon, Cash App, Google Play and Steam. According to what the platform says the reward will be issued to your account within 3 to 5 business days. The reality is that this will never happen, as Mission Guru; Boost Brain will not pay you anything.
The strategy behind this type of platform is as follows: it attracts users with a huge amount of money and sets a minimum payout threshold, for anyone to reach. Those who invest their time and work in the application are the most determined to achieve the goal. However, the platform reduces earnings over time, making it incredibly difficult to accumulate the necessary coins. What eventually happens is that users don’t make any money at all.

Conclusion of Mission Guru: Boost Brain

Mission Guru is a platform that deceives users who download it. First it is presented as an application to earn money that will make you generate a lot of dollars for just playing, once you are playing inside the application you will discover the traps it manifests. Every time you get close to the minimum withdrawal you will start earning much less than what you were earning at the beginning. The application starts to decrease your winnings and forces you to watch hundreds of advertisements so that you can continue playing.
Finally, Mission Guru: Brain Boost will not pay you any of your winnings.
The best thing to do is to ignore this app and never download it to your phone.



Mission Guru: Brain Boost does not pay.

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