Bingo Day: Lucky to Win Review: does it really pay?

Bingo Day: Lucky to win is a traditional bingo game that you can play for free on your Android device and win great prizes. The platform promises rewards like hundreds of dollars , iPhones, notebooks, video games and other devices.
You can simply use your tokens to “buy” 1, 2 or 4 scorecards and start playing. Every time you score a winning number or call Bingo, you have the opportunity to cash in virtual dollars. Unfortunately none of that is true. Read the following review carefully and you will know all the scams that Bingo Day: Lucky Day applies.

Bingo Day: Lucky to win: is it legit?

Bingo Day: Lucky to win is not legitimate, as it does not pay out anything it promises. The platform manifests several gimmicks to deceive users and get them to stay a long time playing.

What is Bingo Day: Lucky to win?

Bingo Day: Lucky to Win is a traditional game developed by the company Bingo Pro Inc.
The app is available worldwide and is 100% free to play. The app is entertainment type, with no financial risk. The payment threshold: $200
You can install Bingo Day from Google Play to your Android phone. Please note that this application has access to the contents of your USB storage. The app can read, copy and even delete any files such as photos and documents. This is very dangerous, you should not download this app to any device.

How to play?

Upon entering Bingo Day: Lucky to win, you can play immediately with your first score card.The game will generate 27 random numbers that will appear at the top of your screen. You must mark the ones you have on your Bingo card and collect cash, coins and other items.Each time you complete all the numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, you will have completed BINGO. As a result, the slot machine is activated and you can win big prizes.
You can accumulate prizes much faster by playing with four score cards on your screen, but it can be easy to skip numbers.
Note that each card contains coins, bills and lucky scratch symbols in random numbers. When you mark a winning square, you will get the corresponding reward.Each time you mark any number on your scorecard, the progress bar on the right will advance.
When you want to cash out you must tap the “Claim” button and finish watching the video to collect the money.
Once you call “Bingo”, the slot machine will be activated, which in turn gives you the opportunity to win more cash.
Bingo Day also allows players to collect puzzle pieces and win prizes, including an iPhone 13 Pro, MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy, among others,
Once you collect 50 puzzle pieces, you can redeem them for a wide selection of Gucci gadgets, perfumes and handbags.


Once you reach $200, you can withdraw the money by opening your cash wallet and selecting PayPal or Cash App.If you want to cash out through Amazon or Walmart, the payment limit is $1,000.
It is also possible to exchange 5 million coins for $5,000 and cash out through PayPal. Payments are finalized within 7 business days according to the app’s instructions.
Unfortunately none of this is true, as the money will never reach your bank account.

Conclusion of Bingo Day: Lucky to win

Bingo Day: Lucky to win advertises the game as a chance to win $10 every 10 minutes. The reality is that the dollars would never be transferred to your PayPal account or any other account. The best thing to do is to ignore this fake app and never download it to your cell phone, because it is potentially harmful.
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Bingo Day: Lucky to win does not pay.

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