Fortune BingoClash Review: does it really pay?

Fortune BingoClash is an app that claims you can win money by playing. Unfortunately this platform is a scam, which will not pay you anything. Fortune BingoClash manifests several gimmicks throughout the game, which proves that it is fraudulent.
Read the following review below and find out how Fortune BingoClash cheats users.

Fortune BingoClash: is it legit?

Fortune BingoClash is not legitimate as it does not pay what it promises and will only waste your time.

What is Fortune BingoClash?

Fortune BingoClash is a supposed app to earn money playing created by Money Games & Bingo Studi The app has a rating of 4.7 stars, although those reviews are likely to be fake. Developers often buy positive reviews to trick users.
Fortune BingoClash is a traditional bingo game combined with different gambling games that can boost your winnings within the app. Its interface is very animated, typical of an entertaining game, with simple but fluid drawings.
To get this app you must go to PlayStore and search for it by name, it will probably be among the first results.
There is no registration process, so you can start playing directly. This feature of the platform makes it very unreliable, as it does not allow you to save data or the evolution of your game.

How to play?

Inside the game there are four Bingo cards and they will constantly be drawing numbers, the more numbers that match your bingo card the better. The game ends when you call Bingo, at that moment you have the chance to win a jackpot.

There is also a bonus roulette which gives incredible prizes. The strange thing about this app is that there is almost no chance of losing, neither in bingo nor in roulette. This makes me think that the owners of the app do not want their users to lose, which means that they will spend more time in the app. The winnings are so big that it makes me think that the minimum amount, no matter how high it is, is achievable. Payments on this platform are made through PayPal and you can also redeem Amazon gift cards.


The payment threshold is $1000, which is a very large amount of money. Especially if we compare it with legitimate apps, which payouts range from 1$ to 15$. This is a bad sign that Fortune BingoClash is a fake app.

Conclusion of Fortune BingoClash

Fortune BingoClash does not pay, it is a total scam. The game incentivizes you with big prizes just to make you stick to it. They make you win huge amounts of money just so you can hope to withdraw it. The invasive ads, the bugs, the delays and the payouts that never come, it’s all so that the developers do make a profit thanks to your time and dedication in the app.
Fortune BingoClash is a fraudulent app that does not pay what it promises. The best thing to do is to ignore Fortune BingoClash and never download it to your cell phone.
Don’t be discouraged, here at AppsPayingMe there is a list of many apps that do pay and will allow you to earn extra dollars.



Fortune BingoClash is not paying.

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