Piggy Rush Slot Review: does it really pay?

Piggy Rush Slot is a free mobile slot game that allows you to collect virtual dollars and withdraw real money. Unfortunately that is not true, Piggy Rush Slot is a total scam and will not pay you any of your winnings. The platform manifests several gimmicks to keep the user inside the app. Read the following review and find out how Piggy Rush Slot cheats users.

Piggy Rush Slot: is it legit?

Piggy Rush Slot is not a legitimate app, as it does not pay anything it claims. The platform is fraudulent and deceives users through various tricks.

What is Piggy Rush Slot?

Piggy Rush Slots is an application created by the company Lucky Stone Game, it is free and available worldwide. The payment threshold is $1000 dollars, which is excessively high.

The game is still in early access, preventing users from sharing their experiences and potentially exposing the truth about the Piggy Rush Slots. Without user reviews, more individuals may download the application, unaware that the platform is a scam. Just like the deceptive cash rewards they offer, there is a fake line to collect your money.

How to play?

Piggy Rush Slot is available on the Play Store and no registration is required. Once the game starts, the game will instantly greet you with a 5-reel slot machine.

Tap the spin button and watch your virtual cash balance grow without risk. As piggy symbols appear, you will be randomly rewarded with virtual dollars.
In addition, you’ll earn coins that are used for spinning. While you may only win $0.10 or $0.20 most of the time, amounts greater than $50 will tempt you to tap the cash button and see an advertisement. By viewing these ads, you are helping the developer generate revenue from your application as advertisers pay you.

Piggy Rush Slot offers several other ways to earn cash rewards, such as filling the wheel icon in the vault to activate the super bonus and various bonuses based on winning combinations. The game also entices players with the opportunity to win amazing prizes such as iPhones, AirPods, MacBook Pros, Nintendo Switches and many other giveaways.
Players can even redeem an iWatch by registering for three days, which is achieved by spinning 20 times. You also have a list of mini-games to play to win more prizes.
While inside the app you will be forced to watch hundreds of videos to keep playing.


You must reach a balance of $1,000 to withdraw funds through PayPal or Cash App.
To redeem a $1,000 Amazon gift card, you must collect 300 virtual cards. Then, you must open the withdrawal tab, select your chosen payment method and follow the prompts.
The reality is that none of this is true, as the money you earned will never reach your bank account. The platform will put dozens of obstacles for you to never cash out your winnings.

Conclusion of Piggy Rush Slots

Piggy Rush Slot is a completely fake platform that will never pay you what is due. The goal of the developers is to make you watch as many advertisements as possible so that they can make money. Throughout the game they will invite you to watch videos, which is mandatory for you to keep playing. The reality is that in the end they will not pay you anything, since it is all a scam.
It is recommended that you stay away from Piggy Rush Slots and never download it to your cell phone.
However, you should not be discouraged. Here at AppsPayingMe there is a list of apps that do indeed pay and will allow you to earn extra dollars every month.



Piggy Rush Slot does not pay.

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